“Kecak” Charming Balinese Dance

Exceptional the Barong dance, there is another traditional dance called Kecak which is hard to watch because this show takes a lot of well-practiced dancers. If tourists want to watch this Kecak, you have to well prepare for location and time. This Kecak shows only one time in the evening.

Kecak is one of a famous show in Bali. It is a show adapting traditional dance with Hinduism folk dance by Wayan Limbak and german artist named Walter Spies. They created this show using fire in 1930 and they present it with a cut scene from Hinduism literature “Ramayana”. This show tells a story about Rama and his monkey allies help Sita from Ravana. This show includes 100 maybe 150 dancers as monkey allies wearing sarong, shirtless and putting Hibiscus behind their ear. The dancers have to sit in five circles overlapped while raising their hand side to side and saying “Kecak Kecak” in lower voice instead of music. There is a main character with colorful dress dancing inside a circle.

This show uses fire to make it look real. This tells about Ravana transforming himself into a priest for persuade Sita to come with him by using plot that he’s so hungry (as a priest). After that, Sita is kidnapped then Rama bring his allies to save her.

This show is rarely to watch in Bali. Tourists can watch it in famous temple or a theater. A show time is one time per day when the sunset glows. They can watch this show at temple Dalem Taman Kaja and Uluwatu on every Wednesday and Saturday by paying a fee.