“Kuta” Downtown of Bali Nightlife City

Kuta is a tourism city near the coast. Therefore, it is tons of culture and traditional Balinese architecture. There is nightlife attractions and also beautiful beaches. This town is the most popular place to visit in Indonesia. It is a great choice for tourists who like sea, shopping, exploring an historical site or even hanging out with friends at bar.

Kuta is south of Bali in Indonesia (about 20 minutes from Denpasar airport). This city is called downtown of Bali because there is different tourism place and center gathering people. It is unbelievable that this place has been a fishing village under Dutch colonial until foreign businessmen discovered this place with an outstanding Kuta beach in 20th century. After that Kuta becomes a heaven for tourists from all around the world.

Kuta city is popular by its long beautiful beach locating near Seminyak village along west coast of Bali. There is no area of separation in this village. Furthermore, there is warm sea for swimming, surfing and another activities such as parasail, banana boat, henna, braided hair, Indonesian massage and also nightlife activity. In the evening, you can see lots of bar, restaurant and café along the beach serving for tourists to enjoy drinks while watching sunset. When the night comes, so well a party and fascinating show.

Tourists can enjoy way of life of these Balinese people in Kuta with its attractive culture and architecture. You can rent a motorcycle, bicycle or scooter to travel this city which has Balinese traditional building all around. Also, you can buy local handmade stuff in low cost and you can visit Kuta’s theater for watch magic show and Balinese traditional comedian show.

Kuta is the most vivacious city in Bali. Tourists will come here from all around the world in May until October due to its good weather.