“Uluwatu” Surfer’s Paradise

Bali is the island in Indonesia where there are numerous gorgeous beaches and it is famous regarding beautiful sky, blue sea and long white sand beach. These miracles attract a large number of tourists who travel in Bali every year. There are numerous splendid beaches here which each are different and unique. In addition, people whoever likes adventure and challenging outdoor activity for example, balance on surfboard. Certainly, “Uluwatu” beach is a paradise for you.

Uluwatu beach is close to Pecatu, the small village in South Kuta District in Bali at Indonesia. It is well-known in swell for a group of surfers and it is also one of the stunning view points of gorgeous sunsets in this island. The Beach of Uluwatu is located under a steep cliff protruding to the sea. If wanting to go down, the tourists have to climb precipitous stone staircase down. Because of the pristine white sand, magnificent sea, high wave and its intensity flowing every time which is suitable for going surf, each year lot of surfers always visit here to play this activity. This beach is located behind the steep cliff so the visitors can feel calm and personal. Moreover the high wave from Southeast wind is swashed hard and continuously. It makes you feel so excited when you stand on the surfboard and then flowing on the surface of the sea.

At Uluwatu beach for the visitors who want to admire beautiful and peaceful nature and who are not surfer, there is a splendid landscape. It is one of the popular sites to photograph the wonderful sunset in Bali. The tourists also are able to walk on the fine beach for gathering shells, look at turtle moving slowly and crab walking on the surface or admire view on the cliff where they can see very far and from horizon to sea as seeing blue sky and dark blue sea. However if they behold the breathtaking view from far away, it look like the sky and sea blended. As for the outdoor activity such as swimming in the sea, it is not recommended because the wave at Uluwatu beach is so heavy and high that possibly causing the trouble. Surfing is appropriate for experienced players only. So eating seafood and taking cool beverage with admire sea view in panorama style at the same time at the age of the cliff is another choice for the tourists who do not surf.

Uluwatu beach is small, very personal and it is easy to get in. From Denpasar airport, visitors can drive to the beach only 30 minutes. There are plenty of accommodations to choose. Parking is serviced at the beach area and bathroom serviced to the tourists. If you are the surfer, there is shop for selling the equipment of surfing such as surfboard, wax, close-fitting swimming suit etc.