10 ASEAN Food that you should try once EP.2

For travelers, the impression during journey is a very special gift. And as we have to eat, stopping by ad trying traditional food of each country is another amazing and challenging experience. Besides, they can talk and exchange cultures with local people. For 5 dishes presented on 10 ASEAN Food that you should try once EP.1, now, we continue with another 5 dishes of ASEAN countries and if you’re ready, let’s see it

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6. Ambuyat in Brunei: The main features are the flour that is as sticky as porridge or boiled rice. This dish contains tapioca starch as main ingredient. The flour is kind of strange as it is tasteless. But the deliciousness of this food comes from dipping with sour fruit sauce and a few side dishes such as fresh vegetable, roasted meat in banana or fried meat. If you try this menu when it is still hot, you can sense its delicate and appetizing tastes

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7.Laksa from Singapore: This dish looks like Tom Yam Noodles and it can be selectively added with coconut milk. However, the popular one is Laksa with coconut milk because it makes the soup thick and more delicious with pleasing smells. If you can’t imagine what it looks like, you can think of Khaosoi of Thailand. Laksa contains dried shrimp, chili, boiled shrimp and cockle. This is suitable for those who love seafood and it can make your trip more colorful because Laksa of each restaurant will be made with particular formula and different ingredients. However, after I tasted this dish in many shops, I guaranteed that it is all delicious. So, if you have a chance to visit Singapore, don’t forget to try it.

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8. Lahpet: The popular dish of Myanmar. It is fermented tea leaves with side dishes such as fried garlic, peas, roasted sesame, dried shrimp, ginger, and roasted coconut. It looks like “Miang Kham” of Thailand. Lahpet is a must-have dish in very special occasions or festivals. Burmese people said that if any events do not have Lahpet, they will be regarded incomplete.

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9. Nasi Lemak: The popular dish of Malaysia. It is rice cooked with coconut milk and pandanus leave with four side dishes such as fried anchovy, sliced cucumber, boiled egg and steamed peas. Original Nasi Lemak was wrapped in banana leaves and people ate it as breakfast.

But currently, it becomes a popular food that you can eat in every meal and it is widespread to neighboring countries such as Singapore and the southern part of Thailand.

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10. Adobo of Philippines: This menu is made of pork or chicken meat that is fermented in sauces of vinegar, soy sauce, chopped garlic, cardamom leaves and black pepper. It is cooked by being roasted in the oven or fried. You can eat this dish with hot rice. If you go to Philippines, you should try it once.

So….. I think now, you’re getting hungry . if you have a chance to visit neighboring countries in ASEAN, don’t forget signature dish of that country. With delicate and tempting tastes of such menu, you may have good inspiration in getting back to work and live your routine life.