5 most beautiful sunset viewpoints in ASEAN that you should not miss

Although there is only one sun in the sky, the exclusivity of sunset moment is distinctive in different places of the world – some have true beauty and some have unique sights. Therefore, today I will be talking about the 5 most beautiful sunset viewpoints in ASEAN. They are surely elegant and impressive.


Promthep Cape, Thailand


If we are talking about the most beautiful sunset viewpoints in Thailand, undeniably, one of them is “Promthep Cape”. Phromthep Cape, locally known as “Lam Chao”, has a sunset viewpoint over the cliff where tourists can easily access. From the cliff, you can see Phromthep Cape’s edge stretching into the sea where you can watch the sunset from the cliff or from its edge. It is a place for watching sunset where you can never get enough of it.

Location: Promthep Cape is at the southern part of Phuket, Thailand


Phnom Bakheng, Cambodia


People who have been to Cambodia perhaps know that Angkor Wat is one of the most beautiful sunset viewpoints. However, some may not know that not further away from it, there is another sunset viewpoint that is also stunning and impressive and that place is “Phnom Bakheng” which is on the peak of the mountain. Apart from being able to see Angkor Wat popping up through mountains and clouds, you can also experience nature in 360° from there which makes this place very gorgeous. And if your only desire is to watch the sunset then this place is your destination.

Location: Phnom Bakheng is on the top of mountain, 75 meters above the sea level, near Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia


U Bein Bridge, Myanmar


U Bien Bridge was built by high nobility, U Bien. It is the world’s longest teakwood bridge with the length of 1.2 kilometers. It stretches over Taungthaman Lake towards Kyauk Taw Gyi pagoda which is on the other side of the lake which is a very beautiful view, especially when you can photoshoot and get the reflection on the river.

Location: U Bein Bridge is a crossing that spans the Taungthaman Lake, Amarapura, Myanmar.


Prabaht Temple (south), Laos


The distinctiveness of Prabaht Temple is that it has one of the most beautiful sunset viewpoints of Luang Prabang. Since the temple is located besides Mekong River, you can clearly see the view of Mekong River and the city on the other side. When the sun is about to disappear from the edge of the sky, there will be a beautiful reflection on Mekong. Therefore, this place is surely worth to visit. Moreover, this temple consists Vietnamese and Chinese arts and architectures. There is also a footprint of Buddha enshrined near Mekong’s riverside.

Location: Prabaht Temple (south) is on the riverside of Mekong, in southern part of Luang Prabang, Laos and 200 meters away from That Luang Temple


Bali Island, Indonesia


One of the elegant thing about Bali Island, Indonesia, is to watch the sunset into the sea. This place is therefore one of the sunset viewpoints that you should not miss since you can get an attractive natural sight. Moreover, there are more elegant things such as nature, religions, cultures and lifestyles that you should get to see once.

Location: Bali Island is at Bali, Indonesia

These 5 places are ones of the most beautiful sunset viewpoints in ASEAN. If you have any chance you should drop by and you will find out that sunset viewpoints in ASEAN can be rivaled with any other places over the world.