5 Charming Markets Everyone Must Visit in ASEAN

For long time ago, everybody knows the truth that woman and flowers are paired together. So, a world without the color of the flowers would be certainly impossible. There are so many flower markets in almost every country in this world. Also in ASEAN, you can simply enjoy the flower markets with various types of blooms. Today, we will show you flower markets in ASEAN.

1. Kwangba Flower Market

To see blossoms at the night time at the large flower market in Hanoi, it is open after 2 am. Kwangba flower market is one of the must-see tourist destinations for flower lovers. For this market sensational, there are not only numerous types of blossoms, but also popular spot for Hanoi teenagers. So, in addition to seeing the blooms, we can find beautiful girls and handsome guys in Kwangba flower market as well.

2. Dangwa Flower Market

As for a Flower Market that never sleeps in Manila, it is busily open 24/7. This crowded market is filled with lively vendors and customers that regularly congregate for purchase and sale. This market gathers flowers from every part of Philippines and imported from abroad as well. The most popular flower is red rose which is comparable to an attractive mysterious woman.

3. Pak Khlong Talat Flower Market

The largest flower market in Thailand where is gathered flowers from all over the country is an enchanting night market and known considerably as the paradise for flower lovers. In this market, you can find a wide selection of beautiful floral, almost any kind you want. Although there is an adjustment for shop spaces, merchants have to move their shops from the sidewalk to the sale’s point only, but this flower market is still the first place you think of when you want to buy blooms.

4. Fresh Flower Market in Bali, Indonesia

In this quite small market, most of the indigenous floras resemble flowers in Thailand, such as globe amaranth, marigold and lotus, by cut off the flower stems so that it is easier to make floral garlands. These markets open from evening onwards. You will see vendors lay a huge sack of flowers to sell their blooms. After a long day, it would be perfect if we could relax and take a stroll among the fragrant flowers.

5. Mandalay Flower Market

This small flower market is completely full of charms and vibes of simple cultural life of people in Myanmar. Most of the flowers are mainly native floras that grown in Myanmar. For the tourists, it might be surprising to see the locals carry the flower sacks on their heads while walk actively as if there was nothing heavy on them. But actually, it is a charming local lifestyle that you can generally find in Myanmar.

For visiting the flower market in Asean, we can not only see the beautiful colors of the floras in each country, but we can feel the local lifestyle, cultural and commerce. The difference of these cultures we experience would be a fascinating and memorable travel for everyone that is certainly worth considering.