5 Places in Bali you should not miss

At Bali, a small island of Indonesia, there are many tourist attractions like natural site such as forest, mountain, sea, beautiful temple and unique gorgeous historic site with architectural Bali style especially the splendid temple constructed from Hindu beliefs. These are 5 places where you should not miss.

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Ulun Danu Bratan Temple is Hindu-Buddhist temple built in 17th century. It is one of the beautiful temples on Bali located on the edge of Beratan Lake and volcanic landscape as a backdrop. The highlight is the thatch-roofed of the architecture called the meru (11 tiered shrines). You always see this famous site appeared in travel magazine.

Besakih Temple or Pura Besakih is the biggest and holiest Hindu temple known as the Mother Temple of Bali. It is also the most important of island. Around this area of the island, there are many temples built orderly on breathtaking mount Agung or beautiful Gunung Agung volcano as a backdrop. Moreover each year, there are numerous tourists to worship at Besakih Temple.

Kintamani village is located at the edge of the active volcano of mount Batur about 1,500 meters above the sea level. A very beautiful Batur lake is situated around the caldera and it is surrounded by good weather. Inside the village, there is winter vegetable and fruit market including the various restaurants, gorgeous landscape, resort style and service for the visitors.

Ubud, a little cultural town located the centre of Bali and surrounded by the valley, is the famous village such as art, many handicrafts and splendid rice terraces. Inside the village, there are various tourist attractions for the visitors, for example, museum among the flowers, Museum Puri Lukisan, Ubud market, ancient king palace etc.

Nusa Dua is a white-golden sandy beach of Bali including the beautiful unique landscape of palm trees. Most tourists always go marinetime sightseeing on this beach such as surfing, diving etc. The important thing is numerous accommodations, hotels or luxurious resorts for the visitors to choose lots. This site is suitable for tourists who want to rest peacefully.

These 5 places are called one of top tourist destinations of Bali. However on this island, Planning to travel is worth and the best idea because there are other beautiful and interesting tourist attractions.