5 Recommended Natural Tourist Attractions of Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the ASEAN member states that has high economic growth rate. The tourist attractions in Malaysia are smooth mixture of modern culture, religion and old architecture. Moreover, Malaysia also has natural tourist attractions which are recommended to pay a visit.

1. Gunung Mulu National Park: Another cultural World Heritage Site of Malaysia which is located at Sarawak State. It is one of the amazing tourist attractions with beautify and unique shape of limestones just like the they are made from creativity of nature. Moreover, there are more than 3,500 plant types and more than 100 palm types and the largest cave of the park called “Sarawak Chamber”.

2. Sipadan Island: An island that located in the South-East of Sabah State. The famous activity of this place is diving to see coral reefs and various deep sea creatures. For Thai tourists, this island is not far away and it doesn’t cost much too. The water level will be high during March-July.

3. Kota Kinabalu: The first World Heritage Site of Malaysia, a place that is named as “revered place of the dead” which actually means “the sacred of the mountain” according to Sabah people’s belief. There are many tourists who come to this place to climb up the mountain. And, with its world-famous beauty, and daily number of tourist limitation, it needs to be booked over the year in order for you to go on this adventure.

4. Cameron Highlands: A tourist attraction that is suitable for the nature lovers. Along the path to Cameron, you will get to see views of greenish vegetable, strawberry and tea farms in which some of them are opened for the tourist visitation. The highlands have cold weather throughout the year in Pahang State, North of Malaysia which makes it a place for the foreign and Malaysian tourists to come for relaxation.

5. Pulau Payar Marine Park: A group of emerald-greenish islands that is 30 kilometers away from Langkawi. It is a place that is well preserved since there are no people living in it and there is no accommodation service too. You can stay at hotels on Langkawi side and travel via boat to the park which takes about 1 hour. The only one activity for the tourists is diving to see plentiful coral reefs at swallow water at Pulau Payar island but if you want to go for deep water diving, you need to get more information from the staffs.