Bagan, Inle Lake, MANDALAY, Charming of Myanmar Travel

Union of Myanmar is one of the countries in ASEAN, where is a main target of the tourist, who would like to have a new experience from this country that just open up for tourism. It’s called “a new freshness” that everyone want to visit and sight to historical and beautiful natural attractions for the tourist who love adventure that making for impression and unforgettable.

Start at the Bagan, where is an important civilization of Buddhist for a long time. Bagan have several temples and pagodas more ten thousand. There are large and small temples which are so beautiful and build elaborately such as Shwezigon pagoda, Kyanzittha umin, Htilominlo Pagoda, Nan Paya Temple, Ananda Temple and Mingala Zedi Pagoda. At Bagan use horse carriage for journey so it does not surprise to feel turned back the times into the past if you come to visit here. In addition to traveled by horse carriage and then there are ride a bicycle to sights anywhere or get on the balloon for sightseeing at the high views which had popularity.

Continuously, Natural attraction is Inle Lake. The Inle Lake are a large lake at secondly of Union of Myanmar. It is surrounded among beautiful valley of the Shan State. There are peaceful and suitable for visit to a lifestyle of Burmese that called perfect harmony with nature. This lake is resident of tribesman who is called “Intha”. They lived at here for a long times about one hundred years ago and there are identity attractions and interesting that is “the paddle a boat with one leg” for fishing. Moreover, it’s nearby the fruit market and vineyard.

At the end of Mandalay former capital of Union of Myanmar and then become one of a tourist town. Mandalay has several attractions and activities such as Shwenandaw Monastery, Mindon Palace Monastry. Their made from golden teakwood. At Kuthodaw Pagoda is a palace where king Mindon had restorative the Buddhist Scriptures on marble plates and become a dhamma philosophy books, the largest in the world. If hungry, there are food stalls on both sides of the way for chooses to taste all over the city. And there important attractions should not be missed, that is ” U Bein Bridge”, which the old wood bridge are so beautiful and long 1.20 kilometers.

For recommend all 3 attractions; It was charming in a part of Union of Myanmar, which a country have many historical. Although, there are beautiful natural attractions which is still abundance everywhere such forest, sea or mountain.