Bali-Once in a life time on the charming island EP.2

(EP. 2: Cute Dolphins in Lovina, Bali Island)

After arriving at the accommodation, I immediately reviewed the plan for the next day’s trip. I planned to wake up earlier in the next morning, getting ready for a long trip to see dolphins. Imagine to sight-seeing Bali’s early morning on wheels was so wonderful. (Anyway, I did sleep after getting in a vehicle as it was still dark). The driver took me to Lovina beach too early so I continued take a rest until the boat time came.

Lovina is a seaside town located in the North of Bali Island. Even though, many tourists come to visit here, it is still be a quiet town. Lovina has wonderful bright and calm sea together with the black sand beaches derived from volcanic ashes. Watching dolphins’ activity in the sea is a highlight of the trip.

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From a pier, I got in a Janggolan Boat or a Spider Boat, as it looks like a spider, for watching dolphins in the sea.

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It was a time to look for dolphins; many tourists on the boats had the same goal hoping to see dolphins. The boat took some times sailing on the sea waiting for some dolphins to appear, it took about 45 minutes and the dolphins came out. The boat sailed closer to the dolphins; it was a big group of dolphin. What a lucky Day! My tour guide said that sometimes no dolphin had shown up all day. (Warning: this activity is not suitable for seasick persons).

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Being satisfied in watching the big group of dolphin, I would like to get back my room very soon as I felt so tired from waking up early in the morning but it was still have time for visiting one more place where was on my way back to my accommodation. My driver, then, took me to Tirta Empul Temple, another important temple of Bali Island.

On the way to the temple, the driver might notice my tiredness, he presented me a cup of civet coffee. Just one cup, it woke me up! What a bitter it is!

Tampak Siring Temple or Tirta Empul Temple is an ancient religious place aged more than a thousand years. It is another holy temple for Balinese. Only the royal family, in the past, could perform religious ceremony in the temple, nevertheless, everybody can do it nowadays.

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Balisian believe that bathing and drinking holy water from the temple can bring them some fortunes, purify them from devil and healing any illness. Balisian and tourists always make a long queue in any important days of a year in order to take a bath, drink water or take home a bottle of water aiming to purify them and welcome big fortunes.

Finishing purifying, it was time to go back my room. See you next EP.