Bali-Once in a life time on the charming island EP.3 (END)

(EP.3: Arts Markets, Bali Island)

It was the last day staying in Bali before going back Thailand, so, it was a perfect day to go shopping. What kind of souvenir from Bali should I pay for? What was about the Art works? It sounded interested.

I asked my driver a favor to show me many art markets where I could look for many kinds of art works such as oil paintings, wood carvings and carpentries. I was interested in oil paintings as they were pretty beautiful.

Not far from Ubud area, the guide led me visit a famous Arts Village where is the centre of art and exhibits many kind of arts in Bali’s style. This village developed itself from a small village to a well-known village by producing many good art works.

Bali’s art works combine together a diversity of many traditions and turn them into the art blends in Bali style. Former time, artists would only produce art works for noble persons using them in a specific purpose in decorating temples or royal palaces. After arrival of western artists, Balisian artists developed their skills in producing art works to become more well-known, displayed their art works in public and traded their art works wider.

In my conclusion, there are some conditions to be consider before making a decision to buy souvenirs from Bali; it should not being too big, be easy to take and could be taken on board.

The “painting” of Bali is very beautiful and unique. Oil painting lovers, especially, should not miss to take some of Bali’s painting back home.

“Wood Carving” is another kind of art works that is renowned in Bali. They have many different sizes for tourists to choose started from tiny souvenirs to enormous home or building decorations. In a case that tourists interested in any of large wood carvings, the shops could send the goods by sea freight. Although, it would take time and costs a fee for shipping, the wonderful art works in Bali’s style would be sent safely to destinations.

A useful tip for the shopper is to use negotiation skills in purchasing. Despite prices of some art works are so high, especially for tourists, you can make a good bargain to price down.

It was the time to fly back Thailand. Stay tuned! See you next trip.