Bangkok: Don’t skip Wat Leng Noei Yi (Mangkon Kalamawat Temple)

Wat Leng Noei Yi is a Thai-Chinese historical temple that has been a destination to thousands of devotees. International worshipers, especially the Chinese, while traveling Bangkok make it a must to come here for blessings and witness the great Chinese influenced architect, located in the heart of Bangkok. Surprisingly, the long marvelous history of this ‘dragon temple’ remains oblivious to some the Thais and intended visitors. Therefore, let us tell you why you shouldn’t skip this amazing culture-enriched sanctuary.

Wat Leng Nai Yi or formally known as ‘Magkon Kalamawat Temple’ is surrounded by Bangkok hottest scenes of China Town. The temple stands between Chareonkrung streets 19 and 21; and when translated from Chinese dialect, its official name means ‘dragon temple’—a glorious figure believed by Asians. Constructed in 1,871, when Mahayana Buddhist temples were subtle, Wat Leng Noei Yi blustered the finest and most beautiful Mahayana temple at the time and it took 8 years to be completely built. Among its 140 years of history and counting, there were 8 respectable abbots before the current one. The temple’s official name given by King Rama the fifth of Thailand marked its most significant history.

During Chinese related festivals, this temple is the center of visit. It is extra packed on both international and Chinese New Year as a traditional belief leads devotees here for merit making, hopeful for a better year. In contrast with good fortunes and blessings, Wat Leng Noei Yi is also popular for Chinese funeral hosting.

At the entrance, stood four guardian gods dressed in traditional oriental attire. 4 meters tall, each one possesses a weapon such as a sword, Chinese lute, umbrella, and pagoda in their armor—to symbolize protection. When stepping inside the main hall, you will see three golden Buddha principals as to follow the Mahayana Buddhism. There are also other 58 stunning Chinese gods and goddesses, with the God of Wealth being the most worshiped. The sea of bright red lanterns, thick incense smoke, endless sound of chanting and calm faces create such an interesting scene that even though you don’t like temple, you won’t regret spending a couple of hours here.

The nearest MRT to Wat Leng Noei Yi is Hualumphong station and the temple is located just 15 minute walk away from the heart of China Town. Make sure to try out the legend “Jub Kang” noodles where the stall is just beside the temple.