To Celebrate Christmas Event in Singapore

In Every year, during the Christmas celebration in December, there is an event called “Christmas on a Great Street” in Singapore along the Orchard Road. Singapore’s most popular street comes alive with twinkling lights all around the roads and this event was created since 1984 till nowadays. This festive wonderland will full of millions of glittering lights line for 6 weeks start from the end of November till January. This is the most wonderful time of the year and prepare yourselves say good bye to the last year and welcome to the new year.

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The Orchard Road is transformed into a Christmas wonderland as it was decorated as majestic arches and millions of glittering lights line the streets for 2.88 kilometres. The glittering style will be changed it every year in order to make it more gorgeous and more wonderful. All the shops along this iconic shopping street are also decorated their shops and there are street activities with festive pop-up stores set up along two sides of the road and live concert also included.

Light Up Ceremony is the highlight for the first night as the officially start to the ceremony in order to make it bright, colorful lighting, fun and lively for all Singapore people and also tourists. The road is closed to traffic for the day, and instead of bustling traffic you’ll find a street full of bright lights and entertaining activities that everyone can enjoy.

On Christmas Night, they will special celebrate the night with Christmas song from the Christmas choirs. They also held mini concerts from local musicians in many stage such as Live Jazz Music and Live Acoustic. Moreover in each year, the malls and department stores compete for the Annual Best Dressed Building Award. Everyone expect to see an array of show-stopping decorations.

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As we know that the Orchard Road is a heaven for food lovers. All restaurants or even street food vendors also decorated their places with Christmas lighting and this is make the wonderful surrounding and make people have wonderful dinner with their love, friend and family.

If you once had a chance to travel to Singapore but you never join the Christmas event or you are never go to Singapore, we recommend to book your plan to be here during the Christmas event which you can join this fantastic moment which just only once in a year.