Changi International Airport, Singapore – Proud of ASEAN

Changi International Airport is an International Airport in Singapore and being one of the largest transportation hubs in Southeast Asia. It is ranking the World’s Best Airport from both World Airport Awards and Skytrax. As because of management process as well as their service which make impress to the passengers from around the world. Not only being an establish to the country but it also being proud of the ASEAN region.

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As the policy of the leaders of country which he want to make Singapore to be hubs of transportation, ground transportation, water transportation and air transportation in order to make Changi International Airport to be the best airport of the world. There are many facilities and services at the airport that go beyond the ordinary as per these following;

Entertainment Deck in Terminal 2; Keep occupied while waiting for your connecting flight. There are various Entertainment Deck such as Xbox 360, Kinect stations, a movie theatre and MTV booth. The Entertainment Deck is your one-stop integrated, multimedia entertainment centre for all round good times.

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Butterfly Garden in Terminal 3: You will see about 1,000 tropical butterflies during the different seasons of the year. There’re tropical butterfly habitat with a profusion of flowering plants and greenery surrounding. The passengers or the visitors can attend the educational corners and individual enclosures let you witness the breeding and feeding of butterflies at close range.

Try relaxation while waiting for your flight, you can enjoy movies of different genres at both Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. At Changi Airport, there’re an Airline lounges which provide for music in every genres. Include 50” TV Plasma screen for movie and music video.

A Sunflower Garden is located on the rooftop of the Terminal 2. There are the Sunflower garden which contain for more than 500 Sunflowers. All the bright flowers bring cheer to all visitors and passengers. Please remind that the sunflowers garden will be held during the different seasons.

There is a large International Food Court and filled with lots of restaurants. Whether it is the local cuisine in Singapore style, Chinese food, Japanese food and Western/ European food as well as beverages, pastry.

Shopping Mall and Duty Fee are the heaven for all shoppers. Various luxury brand such as clothes, watches, cosmetics and alcoholic beverages.

All of these are just only some parts of all facilities at Changi International Airport which can support all passengers while waiting for their flights and they can try many service within the airport which was known as the best airport in the world.