Character Cafes in Southeast Asia (the one you need to visit)

Some of our best memories were created when we were little. For most of us, these memories, indeed, include figures and friends from the fantasy world. Einstein once said “imagination is more important than knowledge…Imagination encircles the world”. Despite how many years that have passed us by, we should make rooms for that free fearless little human that we once were.

Character cafes take us back to our old playground, if not; they introduce us to some new trending friends of our young ones’. In Southeast Asia, character cafes have been gaining popularity, judging from the increased numbers and frequent fans. Let us take you to some good ones you might want to drop by once in these Southeast Asian countries.

DC Comics Super Heroes Café, Singapore

Located at the famous Marina Bay Sands (The Shoppes), this fantastic retail café is a convenient spot to grab a cuppa for a touring break. The cafe offers exciting menus such as Wonder Woman tea, The Flash espresso, Dark-Knight charcoal black bun burger and many more. There will be something for everyone despite age and gender.

Gudetama Café, Singapore

As odd as it feels, who doesn’t love the ‘lazy egg’. This slothful character (which is not even cute) has something special that everyone can relate to.

Topped Hong Kong and Taiwan’s café lists, the lazy egg cafe has finally arrived Singapore (November 2016); the branch is the first Gudetama Café in Southeast Asia. Of course, they feature ‘egg-citing’ food and dessert with the highlights such as the rich and creamy Gudetama Lobster Onsen and Eggcited Cajun Chicken with waffles.

Two-hour plane ride away from Singapore, Bangkok, Thailand also welcomes this world of fantasy.

Unicorn Café has been Bangkok’s new buzz. The café is splashed with sweet colors and endless pastel dreams. The ladies and fabulous ones will adore this place.

The cuteness-overload continues, and we can’t talk about popular characters without mentioning our one and only ‘Hello-Kitty’. Sanrio Hello Kitty House, Bangkok stands amidst the trendiest area, Siam Square. Certainly, there are a few Hello Kitty cafes out there, but Bangkok one is our favorite.

Hopping off to the Philippines, Manila takes character café to the next level. At Movie Star Café, there’re live performances from inspiring heroes to complete visitors fantastic meal experience.

As nobody wants to be put off the trend, Malaysia has recently celebrated its first character café in Kuala Lumpur, Anista Tokyo. This themed café is based on a famous Japanese cartoon character of an alpaca, whose merchandises are always sold within a blink of an eye. Beside this cafe in the land of the rising sun, we haven’t seen it anywhere else; you should definitely check it out once in Malaysia.

Of course, most of us no longer need toys, but we sure could use the experience. Why hesitate to fuel up the most courageous part of ourselves—imagination and young belief are more powerful than what we’ve remembered.