Chocolate Hills, Land of Amazing hills in ASEAN

People always know that there is wonderful sea, blue sky and numerous islands in Philippines where we can find various marine activities. However Chocolate Hills are different because you are able to see endlessly plentiful hills.

Chocolate Hills is located on the island of Bohol, the southern biggest island of Philippines. It is a haycock hills spread over an area of 50 square kilometers. There are more than 1,260 hills with the average height 30 or 50 meters but if the hills are big one, there are over 120 meters in height. Chocolate Hills are natural beauty created so amazingly.

These hills are covered with green glass that turns into dark brown as chocolate that falls abundantly during the dry season. This might be the reason why people call “Chocolate” Hills.

Moreover there are the legends which tell maritime story of these limestone hills. For the first story, two feuding giants always brawled and frequently hurled rocks to each other when they are angry. The fighting lasted for days until they are bored and become friends but they forgot to clean up the rocks. Finally, these rocks become an abundance of hills. Another legend is love story of a giant to a woman but the giant was not fulfilled his love because she died. He cried with the sorrow a lot and then his tears turn into masses of hills.

In addition to academic matter, there is a presumption that unique hills were formed over million years ago and were ocean. These hills might be plentiful coral reefs and later, when the seawater was reduced and the limestone was heaped up and changed into the hills. However mystery still could not be find true answer why the Chocolate Hills were formed.

The transportation to the Chocolate Hills is not that convenient because there are no direct flights. That makes this tourist attraction looks mysterious and remains many natural richness. So for the tourists who want to travel unpopular place like this, you should not miss “Chocolate Hills” or it is a good opportunity to get there once.