Commemoration to World War II at Corregidor Island, Philippines

Corregidor Island is one of islands in the Philippines located at the entrance of Manila Bay, the southwest of Luzon Island far away from Manila around 48 kilometers. The island is used to be fortress that has a duty to protect the entrance of Manila and Manila city in World War 2 and is called “the Rock” that played a big role when the Philippines were invaded from Japanese forces and had to fight for the freedom.

The historical site in World War 2 on Corregidor Island

Japanese Memorial Garden was the cemetery of Japanese forces over 5,000 persons that originally no one knew until someone found a picture of American forces that can see Caballo Island as background. This trace makes people know the island’s location. Then these Japanese bodies were dug in order to bring them back to Japan. Nowadays in this garden, there are numerous stone Buddha states, 10 feet in height and the altar that the soldiers and their family always pray.

Malinta Tunnel is a museum that showed an audio-visual of the mock-up events for a period used a bomb-proof storage and personnel bunker and hospital during World War II. It also exhibits the sculpture works of national Filipinos artist, Napoleon Abueva.

Pacific War Memorial, a commemorative site to honor and bravery of the Filipinos and American soldiers was built in 1968 on around 3 million US dollar. There are two soldiers, Filipinos and American, in front and nearby, there is small museum for visitors who are interested in history.

The old lighthouse of Corregidor Island was constructed in 1853 but it was damaged seriously during World War II. Hence it is reconstructed in 1950 and now, there is a development into the solar-powered lighthouse.

War Memorial Zone, hospital ruin, cannon, howitzer, weapon and bullet storage room during World War including remains from that event are reminders to ancestor’s sacrifices and the ferocity of war.

Eternal Flame of Freedom, a metal solar-powered sculpture around 12 meters in height and the appearance resembling to blaze was built in order to remind the liberated day and it is also a sunset view point on this beautiful island.

Besides the remains from the history of World War II, the Corregidor Island is supported as the tourist destination that attracts many tourists from clean and peaceful beach and adventurous activities on the island such as ATV car, zipline, kayak etc.