Desaru Beach of Malaysia

Desaru Beach, located away from Johor Bahru city around 100 kilometers is a popular tourist attraction from both foreigners and Malaysian with clean beach and clear sea. This destination is named the most beautiful beach in Johore state. Moreover to there are the interesting activities and outstanding tourist destination nearby that is different from other places such as fishing, swimming, sailing, climbing, sunbathing including outdoor sports like beach volleyball or beach soccer.

Desaru Beach is not only famous in beautiful beach and resort but it is also called “land of casuarina tree” because the tourists can find this kind of tree orderly along the Desaru Beach that helps the landscape more interesting and more splendid.

In addition to water activities at Desaru Beach, there are many attractive tourist attractions nearby such as Fishermen Museum, Desaru Fruit Farm or watching fireflies in the Sungai Lebam Wetland.

Desaru Fruit Farm is the agritourism that it is not far away from Desaru beach and it is called the most gorgeous agritourism in Malaysia. With these reasons, numerous tourists from around the world arrive to admire this garden’s atmosphere continuously until they have to reserve accommodations before staying at the garden.

On the fruit farm’s area nearly 250 farm units of Desaru Fruit Farm, the visitors enjoy with learning about tropical fruits planted in Malaysia. There are over 100 kinds of tropical fruits and varieties of plant 10 species including small zoo with Japanese decorated pool and various interesting places that can create impressive experience to everybody for example, activities of choosing fruits with garden owner and tasting local fruits such as jackfruit, orange, rose apple, guava, rambutan and watermelon. Besides the highlight fruit is durian, king of popular fruit that the tourists can buy favorite fruit as the souvenirs. If having a chance, the visitors can feel friendly impressive atmosphere in accommodations and local foods. You can call that both Desaru Beach and Desaru Fruit Farm are the unique tourist destination that really should not miss.