Enjoy beautiful nature at Gunung Mulu National Park Malaysia

Gunung Mulu National Park is named by Mulu Mountain which is top two highest amount of Sarawak in Borneo Island in border of Brunei. This national park is outstanding by its different biological and its limestone landform. There is high sharp cliff and caves are found everywhere. Additional the geology learning center, it is also tropical plants learning center that you can find many plants there. This park has many types of palm trees as the world natural heritage giving by UNESCO in 2000 CE.

In the area of Gunung Mulu, there is the biggest world cave walking which is Deer Cave. It is quintuple comparing with Saint Paul church in London. The interesting place most visiting is water cave that is longest cave in ASEAN and you can see many bats coming out of this cave into the forest when the sun goes down.

By character of its Karst Topography landform contains vertical and obliquely cave. There are many stalactites, one longest cave and narrow cave entrance.

The largest cave in Gunung Mulu is named Sarawak chamber which is 700 meters longer and 40 meters higher that can contain many Boeing 747 planes.

The fantastic elegant landform of Gunung Mulu is “the Pinnacles” a famous sharp cliff scouring by tropical climate and it becomes several shapes.

For traveling and doing many activities in Gunung Mulu, you can contact with the officer directly for all the packages. There are different activities to try for example exploring cave and exploring rain forest at night. These activities are organized by national park’s officer including tour guide, residence and food also.

You can go to Gunung Mulu by Malaysia Airlines “Maswings” which fly every day from Miri, Kucching, Kinabulu and Mayangmulu within 30 minutes.