Enjoy a Day at Enchanted Kingdom, Theme Park in the Philippines.

Enchanted Kingdom theme park was opened in 1995. It is located in Santa Rosa, Laguna, about 39 kilometers from Manila. The main mascot of the park is Eldar the Wizard, who is designed to embody “knowledge and integrity”. This theme park is another proud attraction for Filipinos.

The concept of this theme park is designed in the theme of magic land that is full of adventure and colorful colors with various types of rides divided into seven zones:

1. Victoria Park is a zone inspired by the decoration in Victorian era. It has a vintage feel and retro atmosphere of beautiful costumes. There is also a leisure park where is the location of theme park main office and souvenir shop.

2. Midway Boardwalk, this zone is decorated with Coney Island theme, also known as American Amusement Park. In the 1930s, there is a simulation of the atmosphere of the American theme park in the Midway Boardwalk zone. It is a colorful zone and full of fun rides such as bumper cars, roller skates, Bump N’ Splash and Magic Shop, etc.

3. Jungle Outpost is an adventure zone in the Amazon atmosphere. You will be able to enjoy both on land and in water, because there is a large lake with various rides. There is also Amazon Food Court that consists of many restaurants such as Amazon Grill, Burger and Barbecue.

4. Spaceport is a retro space theme, since America space exploration in the 1960’s. The key for this zone is a zone with many types of adventure rides, for example roller coaster, space shuttle simulator ride, spaceship racing and ATV.

5. Brooklyn place, this zone is decorated with New York City atmosphere, as the Brooklyn Road in the 1940s. Interesting points are shops, souvenir shops, and entertainment venue in the atmosphere of famous shopping district of America.

6. Portabello, is inspired by Portabello where is a port town of wealthy Incas on the Caribbean coast of Panama. There are various shows about boats and pirates, rides that focus on water adventure (the Caribbean Sea), including 4D Movie Theater.

7. Boulderville Zone is embellished in dinosaur era and also prehistoric cartoons that can help strengthen children’s imagination. There are various types of dinosaur rides and Stone Age style houses to explore as well.