Experience interesting events around Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the multicultural countries in ASEAN and there are many intriguing places. Malaysia manages variety styles of tourism policy to let everyone know Malaysia better. The annual festival is a way to promote Malaysian tourism and here are the lists.

Malaysia International Kite Festival is an international festival for kite competition. Kites from each country are different and extraordinary beauty. They have their own styles and some of them are small but some are big. It attracts lots of people to attend. The place to held the festival are variable to the important states such as Kelantan and Johor.

Penang Yosakoi Parade or Asian Mardi Gras is presented with colourful culture by the Japanese in Penang. There were more than 70 groups of parade which contained hundreds of dancers. They entertained the tourists. The parade are held on every March at Esplanade George Town, Penang.

F1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix is an international car racing at Sepang International Circuit in Selangor. There are high number of audiences in each year as its enjoyment. Additionally, the audiences can take part in games and activities inside the race. The event is held on October every year.

Chap Goh Meh Celebration is a festival of love for single ladies. They would write down their names and telephone number on Mandarin orange then it would be thrown to the sea. Afterward, they would pray for true love. On the other hand, men would paddle the boat and collect the oranges with fun. This festival is organized after Chinese’s new year for 15 days on every year. The most popular place for the event is George Town in Penang.

Melaka International Dragon Boat Race is a long-boat racing at Melaka. Both Malaysians and foreigners participate in the race to watch and support teams. Each team variously decorated the boat to be splendid and colourful. This event is annually held at Melaka city on June.