Exploring Nature at Ubud Monkey Forest

Bali is the island that still has an abundance of forests and ecosystems. There are diverse ecosystems as it is a mountainous terrain, dense forests and the ocean. For those who like to explore the natural resources. Ubud of Bali is the top attraction. This city is located in a valley, surrounded by nature. You can find local people and animals live together in this city. Even monkeys, each year, with an increasing number of its population until they are provided with specific area and then turns it into a tourist attraction known as “Ubud Monkey Forest.”

Ubud Monkey Forest is a nature trail that is located in south of Ubud in the Padangtegal village of Bali, Indonesia. It is a small conservation area which is rich in vegetation types and is home to four species of monkeys which is more than 600 and the number is likely to increase more and more. Ubud Monkey Forest is a rainforest full of banyan trees and small creeks. There are also trails for tourists to explore the various spots. This forest is not only having just a monkey and rich forest resources, but locals also believe that this is a sacred site for the Hindus in Bali. And everything inside this forest is sacred as well, such as trees, temples or even monkeys. It is also a research center to learn more about monkeys and trees that are more than 115 species.

Walking along the paths that lead visitors to discover many historical sites located in Ubud Monkey Forest which are the original architecture, built in the mid 14th century, like temple, pagoda, Thewalai or sculptures. Although most of them have deteriorated with time, but there are some big temples were repaired by the local people. But some places were reconstructed to imitate the original building for religious ceremonies of Animism, Buddhism and ancestor worship. A main temple is Dalem Agung Temple which is the greatest temple. For Prajapati Temple is especially for funeral. And Holy Bathing Temple is located the furthest point close to a creek, is used for a ritual cleansing ceremony. Trees and monkeys in this wild are considered as sacred as those ancient places of worship.

While you walk around, at some point, you would see flowers banana leaves vessels and sacrifices that people placed them under the trees. Some sacred trees such as banyan and Pule Bandak are used in religious ceremonies. Ubud Monkey Forest is open every day with an admission charge. Parking is available for free. It’s important to dress respectfully when visit important religious sites, Balinese woman must wear sarong to cover the legs. If tourists do not have sarong, it is available for rent. And if you want to peacefully visit Ubud Monkey Forest, always remember that although they are sacred monkeys, they still have instincts of wild animal. Walking should be careful. Do not to feed monkeys in the forest. And the last important thing, monkeys in Ubud Monkey Forest are sacred monkeys that love to steal expensive glasses.