Expose to the new experience, dabble on “Mae Sot – Myanmar” in caravan

Route 85, Route 8, Route 1 and Route 4

Expose to the new experience, dabble on “Mae Sot – Myanmar” in caravan

If we are talking about Myanmar, many of you perhaps have been there in which you took a flight or a public transport. However, if we are talking about travelling in Myanmar via caravan, there are not many people who have exposed to this special experience. Especially the route of caravan (Mae Sot – Myanmar), the old route via brand new vehicle to travel.

Caravan dabbling in Myanmar

Caravan Explorer Team, on behalf of Nature Travel company, is the first team to create a caravan tour in Myanmar in which they travel to the old tourist attractions that have been opened for the tourists long ago via new vehicle. This is another experience and different from travelling in traditional ways.

Thereafter, there were many tour companies opened up caravan trip as their service. Hence, there are lots of tour companies which provide caravan trip in Myanmar presently. If you are interested, it is not difficult to look for information.

Travelling on route of caravan (Mae Sot – Myanmar) and scenery sites along the way

Route of caravan consists of Route 85, Route 8, Route 1 and Route 4. It begins with entering Mae Sot – Myawaddy border and to Kawkareik and Hpa-An of Kayin State to pay a visit to “Kyaiktiyo Pagoda”, a pagoda that was built on top of a huge golden boulder which looks like it is about to fall of the cliff but surprisingly and unbelievably remains on the cliff. This place is the unseen highlight of this route.

After that, head north to “Naypyidaw” to visit the new capital city of Myanmar, then head to Taunggyi of Shan State to experience romantic environment at Inle Lake, the second largest lake in Myanmar which is surrounded by beautiful and impressive nature.

Continue with “Mandalay”, the second largest cities below Yangon, and follow up with “Bugan”, an ancient city where there are more than 5,000 stupas which is called city of four thousand stupas. Then head south to Yangon, the ex-capital city of Myanmar. And then, “Hanthawaddy” the city of civilization history. Finally, head south to get back to Thailand at Maesot border.

Although they are the same tourist sites that many of you have visited, travelling via caravan can build distinctiveness up and provide a new experience of travelling. You should not be miss it if you have any chance. Travel via caravan once, you are guaranteed to be fond of it.