What a fascinating royal palaces! with the blue touching in Myanmar

Myanmar, with a long time civilization city, is burst with the great history including art and cultural which is as equal as to another country in ASEAN. The buildings, architectures represent the power of the King who reigned in the past. The historical evidences have been demonstrated the glory days through until the modern times. Today, we will be backwards to see the magnificent palaces in Myanmar.

Palace of Bayinnaung: Kanbawzathadi Golden Palace in Hongsawadi. It is a fascinated palace and was built for King Bayinnaung who is well known in Thailand as Phra Chao Chana Sip Thit (“Conqueror of Ten Directions””). This palace was been considered to be the administration center during the reign of the extreme flourishing territory. The palace also was been the residence of the political hostage, King Naresuan and Suphankanlaya. They are the children of King Maha Thammarachathirat of Siam. The palace was reconstructed in 1990 B.E after the original palace was burnt down in 1599 B.E. Hongsawadi was totally destroyed by the opponents, then it is blown through over the era for 400 years. Later, the Bayinnaung’s Palace was reconstruction by magic. The Myanmar’s government assigns to the culture vultures and archaeologists to excavate then two buildings of the palace; the Royal Lion Throne Hall, the Bhammayarthana Throne Hall, have been rebuilt beautifully. Even the new building is not the real traditional construction but the palace is to the original palace but the reconstructed palace is beautifully created, miraculously built, and attractively decorated which suitably glorify for the greatest king of Burma named “Bayinnaung Kyawhtin Nawrahta”.

The Mandalay palace, the last royal palace of the last Burmese monarchy, is the popularity obtaining from a great number of the tourists. The tourists roll in visiting the decorative palace which built with the teakwood construction entirely. It encircles with the abundant nature and it is well-known as one of the most beauty palaces in Asia. Besides, don’t miss to go sightseeing on the apex of the palace, including stunning with the great mountain which stands against the Irawadi River. Tiredness and heat feeling are vanished away immediately after reaching here. The Mandalay palace was constructed as part of King Mindon’s founding of Mandalay. It could say that this place is the sorrow tragedy and be historical palace. At the beginning of construction has the mysterious city belief involving, therefore there was the alive human bury ceremony under the city corners and the important places; 52 people were buried in the ground. The usurpation narrative of the enthronement became the disgusting legend, kill the people ferociously. After that the England occupied and it got the damage of World War II.

Nowadays the palace is rebuilt but remains the beauty of arts in Myanmar style and is completely with the historical story. There is a graveyard of King Mindong inside the palace ground and the interior is arranged to be a museum representing the narrative in the past. For visiting and taking photographs will be allow in the area of the royal house group only which is the regulation to do strictly.

Art and cultural of Myanmar is characterized and unique. Moreover, Myanmar’s history is everlasting and is superior. The travellers who admire leisurely journeying with the period of times, slowly savor arts and beauty of architecture, Myanmar is marked to be the suitable city of flash back touring through the legend of history.