Five Gods You Need to Visit in Southeast Asia (Part II)

We are back to episode two of ‘Five Gods You Need to Visit in Southeast Asia, because many times in many lives, belief reveals its impact to be more profound that we can ever imagine. Gods that we’re about to walk you through are those entitled to be the most renowned and visited by believers from all walks of life. The further words travel, the larger the crowd, therefore, once provided the opportunities to be in these ASEAN countries, embrace the chance to witness their holiness and dedication from their followers.

3. Bo Bo Gyi Shrine, Yangon, Myanmar

‘Bobo Gyi’ is a holy guardian spirit, widely respected by local and Thai Buddhists. Located within the same area as the marvelous golden Botahtuang Pagoda (where kept Buddha’s hair relic), a number of tourists arrive at this sanctuary each day. Bobo Gyi’s name and stories expand as more visitors decide to travel to Myanmar as the country becomes more open and safety and security rise.

The holy guardian also acquires another name, which is “the god of instance” with a legend that once a worshiper prays for one wish, just a single wish, with a specific time frame of when they hope for their wish to become true—the wish is always answered and instantly. The offerings in return for Bobo Gyi’s gift include fruits, flowers and money. You don’t need to feel awkward, because there will be shrine guides to tell you exactly what to do.

4. Goddess of Moon and Ocean, Thian Hock Keng Temple, Singapore

Being one of the first world countries and the most urban Southeast Asean country doesn’t leave Singapore from its lovely tradition and belief. Amongst gigantic buildings and dazzling skyline, sighted Chinese and Buddhist temples with ‘Ah-Mas and Ah-Kongs’ bringing their children to rite.

Thian Hock Keng Temple houses Singapore’s famous goddess of moon and ocean, where local and tourist crowds frequent to pray for wealth, child and wellness. Moreover, the temple is also awarded National’s Heritage, therefore, if faith doesn’t bring you here, let the wonderful architecture and enriched hidden story and culture do.

5. Lady Buddha, Da Nang, Vietnam

Da Nang has been known for a small relaxing town, with a gorgeous and peaceful beachside; it is popular among leisure and laid-back holiday makers. This city has been attracting more visitors than it ever had in the past few years. If you have seen photos of Da Nang, you would probably guess it right that the last god we’re about to introduce you to is the tall enormous lady Buddha.

Her height outperforms the height of the Statue of Liberty; the locals claim that her size was developed based on the size of their faith and loyalty towards the lady Buddha.

Not only that Da Nang is a good valuable holiday choice we all need to consider, this hidden gem of Southeast Asia reserves a lot more for us to discover and unwind. Make sure to appoint a date to stop by the lady Buddha, whether to pray and be blessed or simply just to witness what our Vietnamese friends are proud of.