Float traveling At Inle Lake in Myanmar, Wonderful Paradise on Water

Myanmar is a distinguished and noticeable art and culture country. The homely way of life of Burmese attracts the tourists to drink in and touch it consistently. Aside from the art and cultural, Myanmar offers abundantly and beautiful nature. Ecological fertility lead native to employ the land for earning a livelihood, and they are bound in their workplace becoming an important thing in existence extensively. And today we are going to sightsee the beauty of civilization and Inle Lake custom as well.

Inle Lake
is a very large fresh water lake in Shan State of Myanmar. The lake is far from Tong Yi City 25 kilometers approximately. With the sea atmosphere surrounded by great mountains effect cool weather all year round. When looking around, you will see the beautiful scene as a light blue sky and clear water. With 360 degrees beauty of panorama, no matter anywhere you look at is so bright and very beautiful. Moreover, it is the location of the large-size water community, over 17 villages. Almost locals are Intha people who lived for a long time regard as century. Their mainly livelihood are fishing and agriculture. Lifestyle of Intha people is so humble and very interesting especially a cropping on the island floating upon the surface of water which is an amazing intellect. Floating gardens are constructed by modify the aquatic plants, seaweeds or aquatic weeds turning into the floating vegetable garden for growing plants. Moreover, at Inle Lake is the top of a floating tomato garden in Myanmar.

Again, the interesting handicrafts are available for visiting, such as gossamer weaving which is beautiful color and the design is different. If you are looking for souvenirs you should go to the village that produces cigarette and makes the silverware. Moreover, an important highlight in Inle Lake is a traditional leg rowing of the Intha People which is a major of tourist distination. It is Intha People’s way of life which passed for a long time and made the impression to the travelers extremely.

The fabulous valuable art and cultural is offered at Phaung Daw Oo. Another name of Phaung Daw Oo is Pra Bua Khem Temple which has five holy Buddha images made by wooden named Pra Bua Khem. On the Buddha Image body is covered with gold leaf by people which made the Buddha Image is thick until cannot sight the original organ. With believe in bringing about wealth and have the best over opponents, so annually there is a respectfully invite ceremony Pra Bua Khem getting down to Karawaik Boat line. The boat is decorated beautifully in order to worship by townspeople.

Nga Phe Chaung Temple presents a hopping cat which cats show passing through the hoops to the tourists. Moreover, it has valuable ancient properties which included an artistic large wooden Buddha Image with decorating sitting on the canopy that locals took the Buddha Image keeping security during World War ll.

If your recent holidays is without planning, just once trying out traveling to touch with the fascination of Inle Lake. Going to see the idyllic lifestyle amongst water area and big mountain gives us a natural energy charging into body extremely.