Follow the Buddhism’s legacy…To Chandi Borobudur, the World Heritage Site

It has been said that if you want to truly feel the hearts and souls of the local people of where you visit, you need to go to their places of worship where you can learn their beliefs. And if you want to feel the strong belief of Buddhism in the past, you should go to Indonesia to worship Chandi Borobudur, the largest Buddhist monument in the world.

Chandi Borobudur

Chandi Borobudur, also known as “Barabudur”, is a tourist attraction in Indonesia located at the Central Java, near Progo River and 40 kilometers northwest of Yogyakarta. It is assumed that it was built between 7th-9th Century, 300 years before Angkor Wat was built. It has the area of 55,000 square meters. It was influenced by Indian’s civilization and apart from, Angkor Wat which is the religious monument of Brahma-Hindu and Buddhism, Barabudur is the world’s largest Mahayana Buddhist temple.

Chandi Borobudur was registered as the World Heritage Site in 1991 by UNESCO. It is the cultural legacy that deserves respect since it is a civilized structure with the age of more than 1,000 years and also it is a tourist attraction that the tourists from all over the world come to pay a visit the most in Indonesia because taking a walk around the place will give you the feeling of traveling back to the past, in the reign of Sailendra Dynasty which took 2 million square feet of volcanic rocks to build the square base with the width of 121 meters and the height of 403 feet in Pyramid-shape. The architecture was influenced by Sailendra’s arts which is different from other archaeological sites of Java. Borobudur tool approximately about 70 years of construction since the reign of King Vishnu to King Indra. The perfect arts combination of Central Java and Indian makes this place amazing.

The pagodas made from lava rocks are located 15 meters above the ground. They have lotus-like shape which is the symbol of Buddhism. The area around is basin and when it gets flooded from Progo River, the stupas will look like lotus floating over the water. Inside the base area of the pagodas, it contains carvings if Buddhist tales. Up ahead, there are circular platform with 72 bell-shaped stupas in which each one contains Buddha statue with the gesture of Subduing Mara in three levels surrounding the pagoda which is the symbol of Borobudur.

The other highlight that attracts the tourists to Borobudur is to prepare for the photoshooting of the first light of the day from the peak of this ancient place and it is the most beautiful sunrise viewpoint in Indonesia. The nice and cold morning weather at about 5:00 am with the golden light shining over the pagoda is the pretty sight and create overwhelming feeling for the visitors.