Follow Henri Mouhot’s footprints on Route 4: Tha Li-Luang Prabang

Follow Henri Mouhot’s footprints on Route 4: Tha Li-Luang Prabang

One mesmerizing thing about journey is to be able to follow the historic route in which, apart from being able to get new experience, you may perhaps learn about the past of ASEAN that you never knew about. The inspiring person for the latest generation tourists, Henri Mouhot, was a French explorer who came to explore geographical, historical, social, tourism and natural in ASEAN. His journey in Indochina has inspired many people to go outside and travel the world.

Route 4, following Henri Mouhot’s footprints, starts at Thailand; from Route 21, then, Route 2155 towards Route 4 of Laos in which The Transport Company Limited has the public transportation (bus number 14), which passes Loei- Sainyabuli-Luang Prabang, in 2014.

Recommended route, following Henri Mouhot’s footprints: Chiang Khan-Tha Li-Laos-Sainyabuli-Luang Prabang

Begin at Chiang Khan

Day 1: You will be at Chiang Khan and pay a visit to see the views of neighboring areas, in which there are some interesting activities such as walking at Chiang Khan’s walking street and pay a visit to sunrise viewpoint at Phu Thok.

Visit Sainyabuli & Kenethao, a small town which is more than just a bypass

Day 2: Start your journey at Chiang Khan and go to Tha Li’s border, then cross the friendship bridge over Hueang River towards Kenethao, Sainyabuli. Kenethao and Sainyabuli are small towns with peaceful environment. There are both natural and cultural tourist attractions and interesting festival like Sainyabuli Elephant Festival which is held on every February.

Seduced by Luang Prabang, like none other and none other alike.

Day 3: Move from Sainyabuli via Route 4 (this route can lead you to Vietnam and China too) of Laos towards Luang Prabang, World Heritage City. Most of tourist attractions in Luang Prabang meant to be visited for local life study and natural environment absorption and most importantly, Henri Mouhot’s tomb is located near Phon Pao Temple and Pak Ou Cave where you can pay the minibus for visiting these places.

Once in a lifetime, offer sticky rice to monks

Day 4: Wake up at dawn to offer sticky rice to monks, which is the highlight when you come to Luang Prabang and this also shows the bond between Lao people and Buddhism. After that, have your breakfast at market where there are many local foods for you to choose. Then, visit the Haw Kham Royal Palace Museum and Xieng Thong temple where you can see the beauty of architecture of them.

Day 5:

Head back, using the same route, which is Luang Prabang- Sainyabuli-Kenethao-Tha Li-Loei, to elegantly end your journey, following Henri Mouhot’s footprints.