Get to know Lake Toba and Batak tribe of Sumatra

Lake Toba is a large lake that appeared at the mouth of crater from the explosion of volcano around 74,000 years ago. The explosion was called Supervolcano and the damage was more severe than the ordinary explosion till the great pressure was occurred. The lava was erupted to 3,000 kilometers and it took 6 years to become cool and solid. Supervolcano also affected the world climate.

The location of Lake Toba is at the South of Medan city, a hugh city in North Sumatra. There is a massive island which named Samosir island and it located at the middle of the lake. Additionally, Samosir island also has a small lake; therefore, it incredibly is the lake of lake including a city of the coast, Parapat city. Charms of Lake Toba are perfection of nature, fresh air and greens that beautifully contrasts with teal lake.

Samosir island has residents who are from local tribe which called Batak tribe. Batak tribe contained with minor tribes, for instance, Batak Mandailing and Batak Karo. Obviously, the largest tribe was named after the lake and it was Batak Toba. Since local people believed in nature worship, Indonesia was a country that mainly had Muslims more than half of the population. Due to Dutch colony, western missionaries organized Christianity all over the country containing Samosir island. This changed most of Bataks in the island to believe in Protestantism and Catholicism instead of nature worship but some of them still chosed to believe in spirit and nature.

The unique identity of the Batak is traditional house that has high roof and its shape is triangular which looks like a ship. The house can be found typically in Samosir island. The traditional colours, which are preferably used, are red, black and white. This is a spot where the tourists interested in and they will not miss to visit and take photos of the identity for souvenir. Furthermore, Samosir island is full of tropical colourful flowers with several types. This is also counted as a strong point of Samosir island.