Go for Touring in White dunes north of Mui Ne, the Sahara of ASEAN

Referring to a desert, most think of go traveling to Arab territory or maybe must go far away to the USA. With confirmation many doesn’t know about ASEAN’s desert, importantly it is not far away. Therefore, today we’re going to face strong sunshine and challenge to superheated vapour in the desert at Vietnam together.

Vietnam is a land of various natural ecology such as; beautiful beaches, high mountains among the plentiful nature. Moreover, it is the city of unique cultures. Importantly, it has a desert. While you herd about this, it is unbelievable. Let’s explore where the place which be called the Sahara of Vietnam.

There are 2 places of Vietnam’s desert. Both even are the deserts but it has the beautifulness and the fascination differently. It is the tourists’ destination for challenging with the strong sunshine burning a skin, let the heated wind pass through the body once in a while. But importantly two things which you cannot forget are; glasses and facemask for protecting your face from the sand.

Starting with Red Sand Dune is the desert which close to the seaside, without explanation but it is a strange and match between a desert and a coastal. Sand is red here so it is called “Red Sand Dune”. Moreover, sand is very soft like we walk on the powder. When we walk on the top of mountain, then we can see the view of the blue sea beautifully with crystal clear water. Made you forget that this is the desert, heated and tiredness from the journey will be lost immediately.

Go continuing to feel with the heated vapour and sunshine atmosphere at White Sand Dune. It is the biggest desert in Vietnam. The amazing of wind pass through the sand, made the sand mountain is wavy and appeared a miracle wave beautifully. Wind made the mountain figure change all the time. The mountain’s shape is changed every day exactly. Besides, for anyone who like extreme activity and want to slide from the top of mountain to the bottom so don’t miss for playing the slider on curved sand. It is the famous activity of many tourists.

For photography lovers who always take photos for memory collection, don’t lose a chance to take pictures satisfactorily, because you will be extremely relaxed and happy with the spacious desert and the shed of sunshine. With the unbelievable area between a beautiful lake and a scorching desert, but it’s happened here. As this place is marked to be the travellers’ targets for taking photographs continuously without incontrollable themselves. Those pictures will be saved infinitely.