Gveilinz of ASEAN offers traveling in the atmosphere of the sky and mountain

Gveilinz, one of the most beautiful cities in China like the picturesque, is surrounded with the bank of tree which is plentiful. It has the wide rivers contrasted with the clear sky. Besides, it is full of different and beautiful rock mountains. Most travelers miss for the traveling information of ASEAN about the place that looks like and beautiful as long as the Gveilinz of China. Guru of tourism guarantees that the Gveilinz of ASEAN is beautiful, and the air is fresh which you can snuff fully into the lung. Moreover, they mentioned that it is filled with the abundant forest surrounded with the wide river endlessly. The one who loves natural tourism without ruffle, even the mobile signal cannot reach you, that is the place of yours.

There are many places of the Gveilinz of ASEAN, we will start with the first place, Gveilinz of Thailand. With the plentiful natural throughout the region of Thailand, therefore in Thailand consists of two resemble places of Gveilinz of China. In the southern part first, Radchaprapa dam, which is located at Khaosok national park. You will impress with the route through the dam. Beside the atmosphere around here and the beautiful view, you will amaze with the biggest Rafflesia in the world which be the provincial flower of Suratthanee province. Generally the Rafflesia is about 10 kilograms weight. The blooming Rafflesias attract the travelers during May to December.

The second place of the Gveilinz of Thailand ,from the southern part move to the northeastern to experience with the marvel natural, is the Bodhisattva which is located at Loei. Under the rocky mountain has the various shape both tiny and large one. There are altogether 15 stalagmites. Its figure look beautiful and miracle. Each one is beautiful and was named differently, waiting for the adventurous travelers to feel it.

The last one of the Gveilinze of ASEAN is Vang Vieng. Several travellers who come to visit here entitle that the Gveilinze of Laos. By the light blue of river which contrast with the colourful sky, surrounded by the mountain also. Besides, there are many activities like Kayak paddle, floating on the river by sitting on the hoop, or maybe someone who loves jumping into the blue river at the Blue Lagoon. Therefore, Vang Vieng is the tourists’ destinations who fall in love being among the natural.

Each of the Gveilinze of Asia is invented the esthetic naturally. They are as beautiful as the Gveilinze of China. If someone has no plan for travelling and has a lot of time, try to experience it., going for it and facing with the new challenge experiences and keep about the great remembrance forever.