Happy Tour in Asia, pay respect to your birthday Pagodas at Nakonpanom


Nakonpanom is a small town in the northeast of Thailand ,nexr to Kong River with the long history for more than 1500 years. The city is full of ancient civilization , there are many temples and pagodas which lasted for 1000 years, showing that it has been prospered for a long time. So now, lets pay respect to the Birthday Pagodas

1. Prathat Panom ,for Sunday, is located at Ampur Panom. It is the center of Thai and Laos people belief for 1000 years. It is said that if you pay respect to this pagoda 7 times , you will become the child of pagoda and make you life blessed and be respected by others.


2. Prathat Renu , for Monday, is located in Ampur Renunakorn. It is the sacred pagoda of this city for ages. There are gold and silver buddha images inside the pagoda which offered to the Buddha. Inside the temple, there is the golden buddha image of meditation with Laos art style. People believe that if you pay respect to this pagoda, it will make you look beautiful and bright.

3. Prathat Trikun , for Tuesday,is located in Ampur Nagae. Its shape looks like Panom Pagoda but only 2 step on the first layer and shorter on the second layer. There are 3 relics inside which are of Pra Mokkalana, Pra Sareebut and Pra Sangkatjjaina. The legend says that they were made by the Warrior King. Once you pay respect , you will be encourage and strong as the Angel of Tuesday.


4.Prathat Mahachai ,for Wednesday, is located in Ampur Plapak. The pagoda contains the Bhuddha relic and the relics of Pra Anya Gontanya , Pra Sareebut and Pra Anurut. There is also the Praputtachaisit Image inside. The special design buddha image is a must visit as well as the wall paintings about the Life of Buddha. It is believed that if you pay respect, you will have the victory in life and be the leader.

5. Prathat Prasit ,for Thursday, is located in Ampur Nawa which contains the Buddha relic inside and Pra Arahan relic. There is the ancient Buddha image made of soil in Sangvejanisatarn 4 and the Buddha footprint. It is believed that if you pay respect, you will become successful in your career.


6. Prathat Tah-Utane , for Friday, is located in Ampur Tah-Utane. The pagoda faces the North of Prathat Panom which is Friday direction. There is the Buddha relic from Burma , which believed that if you pay respect to the pagoda, you will have prosperity and good luck like the rising sun.

7. Prathat Nakorn , for Saturday , is located in Ampur Muang which contains the Relic of Buddha and there are many golden buddha images as well as other treasures. It is believed that if you pay respect, you will have power and be the great leader.

Nakonpanom is the city of temples and is one of the popular destinations for cultural tourists and for the relaxing holidays without worrying about time. Moreover, you should not miss the chance to pay respect to these 7 pagodas for the wellness and prosperity.