Inviting you to visit at Kampot province in Cambodia

Kampot is a province located in the southeast of Cambodia, connected with Kong island and Kampong Speu province in the north. There is the area contiguous with a gulf of Thailand in the south about 45 kilometers. That is the major tourism province of this country inferior to Siem Reap, Phnom Penh and Sihanouk Ville. It takes about 3 hours from Phnom Penh by car.

Actually, the Kampot province is developed for the roads and the transportations to support to be a tourist city which has the perfect natural resource be as an appealing point. Having the beautiful coastal beaches and the national parks, filled with many interesting things like mountains, forests, waterfalls following recommendations,

The national park Bokor, here is plentifully of forests, plans, wild animals and charming waterfalls. At the highest top of a Bokor mountain has the ruins in the era of Cambodia when they were under the French administration for example hotel, casino and ancient church of Christianity. These become the attractive points to attract the great number of international visitors like to come here to touch the nature and cold weather on the top of this mountain.

  • Cruise to the Kampong bay river, the main river of province which stands out with a view of very beautiful sunset. And has a river cruise service for the tourists that interested in this site. The cruising will start at 4.00 pm along the river until the sunset.
  • Elephant Mountains are out of the east of the Kampot city about 7 kilometers. Its physical characteristics are large limestone mountains and are the location of the ancient castle caves or the old places of worship constructed with ancient Khmer art aged over 1,400 years. This is the important historical study area in Cambodia. Each castle is called in different names such as Prasat Phnom Trotung and Prasat Phnom Khyong etc.

Other than, in this province has the famous thing that is widely known is black pepper celebrated around the world and Kampot durian that is popular in Cambodia. If someone interest and want to taste it, we can buy in the night market that has also durian frozen drink. Or you can use the durian garden tour service for tasting fresh durian from the plantation, that’s interesting or not? Moreover, the black paper and durian, in the Kampot market, they have varieties of populist foods including Cambodia noodles, Cambodia stir-fried noodles and soft-boiled rice in style Kampot added black paper as an ingredient. And there are so many different places to meet and it like the identity of here has frappe shop or is called Tuk-a-loc in the Cambodian language.