A journey in Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia

Jakarta is a metropolitan city of Indonesia and it is also the largest city of ASEAN. The city is located at Northwest of Java island. Additionally, it was called Batavia in the old days. There are various places for tourist attractions and the remarkable spots are the following.

Kota Tua or Old Town is a place where brings you to travel in time of old-charming days of Jakarta. Those days, there are full of creative architectures such as Jakarta Kota railway station, Sunda Kelapa harbour and the historical museum. Furthermore, buildings which inspired by Dutch architecture from colonial period.

Ancol Dreamland is the area that has a variety of tourist attractions, for instance, a massive amusement park. This place has modern and attractive machines such as roller coaster, big wheel, gold course and aquarium. They were located at north coast of Jakarta. This is the right choice for relaxing with family.

The national museum of Jakarta, Gedung Gajah or Elephant building was designed with European architecture and at the front of the building has a bronze elephant statue. The statue was the gift from King Rama V of Thailand and it is the reason why it was named Elephant building. Inside the building, it was divided into several areas of exhibition. The history of each era is background of the areas and it is contained with rooms for pottery, carving, ancient instruments and clothing.

Art and culture center, Ismail Marzuki Park (TIM) is the center for performing arts at central Jakarta which named after Batavian musician, Taman Ismail Marzuki. The center displays contemporary and traditional arts. Moreover, exhibition of sculptures and paintings are rotated to show. It is the location where Internation Film Festival, concerts and plays were held.

Monas, the National Monument is a landmark of the city and it was established at the spot where ex-president Sukarno proclaimed the independence of Indonesia. The monument symbolized the struggle of Indonesians which was square rock block with approximately 137 meters height. At the top of the block, it was bronze sculpture that had been covered by 33 kilograms of gold. It looks like golden flame which stands for soul and independence of Indonesian residents. Tourists can take the elevator to the top of tower then they will get a good scenic point of Jakarta with 360 degree panoramic view.

Apart from the mentioned places, Jakarta has more astonishing tourist attractions including food that you should not miss.