Lao food, the taste of ASEAN, the combination of Europe and Asia

Although Laos is close to Thailand, their food is unique and different from other countries in South East Asia. They may be similar to Northern or Northeastern food of Thailand but not alike, since they are influenced by French when being one of its colonies. Not only European culture from France, Lao cuisine is also influenced by Chinese culture, which spread widely through every countries of ASEAN. Meanwhile, Lao foods spread to and become famous in a lot of countries such as Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The recommended dishes are in follows.

– Pang gee

Pang gee is traditional Lao food, but is popular among tourists. This menu is inspired by French bread- baguette. Lao pang gee looks like sandwich with various meats and vegetables stuffed inside: minced pork, liver pate, ham, fried chicken, fried egg, salad vegetable, tomato, cucumber, carrot and onion. It is served with butter or chili sauce to enhance flavor. Pang gees are available in several sizes: small, medium or large. A piece of Pang gee can be big enough to be a sizable meal.

– Larb

Larb is one of Lao’s national foods. It is made of raw meat mixed with spices and cooked until medium rare. Beside pork, beef, chicken, duck, there are also Larbs made of fish and turkey. The tastes of Larb is strong and spicy, it is another Lao food in a must-try-list.

– Tum Mak Hoong

Tum Mak Hoong is papaya salad. Lao Mak Hoong is one of the best papaya salads in regions. It is made of shredded papaya, smashed and mixed with garlic, tomato, lime, peanut and fermented fish. It is a common food you can find anywhere in Laos.

– Lao feuhr

Lao feuhr is Lao local noodle with chili sauce; also call Khao Piak Sen in Northeastern Thailand. Feuhr is famous among Lao cuisines. It is influenced by Chinese and Vietnamese noodle. The noodle itself is called Ban Feuhr. It is cooked with meats like chicken, pork or beef. Mostly, they are meat noodle without meat balls.

– Jaew bong

Jaew bong is a kind of chili paste. Jew bong is different from Thai chili paste in ingredients. There is no fermented fish, and there is less oil than Thai chili paste. The signature of Jaew bong is adding diced pork skin or buffalo skin. Jaew bong is delicious, served with rice or sticky rice.

Travel to Laos, try Lao food

By land; you can choose either drive from Thai-Laos frontier in Northeast of Thailand, or take a Nong Khai- Tha Na Lang. If you travel by train, you should get off at Tha Na Lang station, Bankokphosi, Hard Sai Fung, Laos.

By plane; there are several airlines offer direct flights from Thailand to Laos’ cities.