List of Singaporean foods that you should not miss

Singapore is the only ASEAN member states or even one country in the world that there are many people with different ethnicities; Chinese, Malay, Indian and other foreigners living together peacefully. This combination makes varieties of delicious local foods that can even be rivaled with any other ASEAN member state. Let’s have a look of the list of food that you should not miss.

– Bak-kut-teh

Bak-kut-teh is one of the superb foods of Singapore. It is influenced from China and Malaysia and it tastes like the ones that are sold in the southern of Thailand. However, Singaporean Bak-kut-teh is unique. With the fully boiled pork rib that you can even softly touch it with chopsticks and the pork will peel off from the rib. The softness of the pork makes it even more tasty. Another awesome thing is the Chinese soup with garlic which is served together with fried vegetable in oyster sauce which has a really good taste when it is hot.

– Chicken rice

Hainanese chicken rice is the signature dish of Singapore. If you have been to Singapore without trying this out then you have never really been there. It is not so hard to find a place where you have a taste. However, the famous restaurants will ancient Hainanese chicken rice with big pieces of chicken over the rice with soup and tasty sauce. Asian people will surely love it.

– Roti Mataba

A dish with a combination of Malay and Indian is also popular just like the Chinese dishes. Singaporean’s Roti Mataba has spice ingredients that perfectly mixed with chicken, shrimps, fish or lamb. The flour is a little bit burned which makes it crispy. If you have it with cold or hot milk tea, it will be perfect. The famous restaurants are located in Muslim and Malay areas.

– Frog Porridge

Frog porridge in a clay pot is another popular dish that the tourists who visit Singapore should not miss. It is a little strange but not a disgusting dish since the frogs are not shown. It is usually served in a clay pot; the frog is in small pieces and its color is white just like the porridge and tastes just like the chicken and it is not at all fishy. The restaurants that serve this dish are usually in China Town.


Laksa is the national dish of Singapore. It has the mixture of Malay and Chinese. It is not difficult to find since it is usually sold everywhere. Noodles, vegetables and fish ball are added to the bowl which makes it looks like Thai noodles but does not has spicy taste.

Traveling to Singapore

You can drive through Malaysia and cross over to Singapore island which takes about 1 day. You can also take a train from Hua Lamphong to Malaysia and continue with a car to Singapore. Lastly, you can take a flight directly to Changi Airport, Singapore.