Meet with the Islands at Gulf of Thailand: From Sea of Thailand to Sea of Cambodia

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Meet with the Islands at Gulf of Thailand: From Sea of Thailand to Sea of Cambodia

If we are talking about delightful sea, then the sea of Gulf of Thailand would be one of the destinations that the tourists from all over the world are fond of and often come to pay a visit throughout the year because this place is renowned of beautiful archipelago, especially the archipelago at Trat Sea where it is top-listed in beauty of this place. It is the place where the tourists dream of making a stop.

Nowadays, Cambodia has opened up the path across the border of Ban Hat Lek – Charm Yeam, and has allowed Thai people to drive through. Hence, there are many tourists who take cars from Thailand and drive them across the border to Cambodia coast. Therefore, the journey doesn’t end at Trat Sea, you can drive further to Cambodia.

Travel Information

Travel from Route 18 towards Koh Kong a place where many tourists are fond of. You can get on the islands via local vehicle and onwards along the path to Sihanoukville, and to Kampot on Route 3. After that, the path will turn northwards until it reaches Phnom Penh with the total distance of 200 kilometers.

Unmissable places along the way

  • Trat Sea Islands: Consists of many small and large islands arranged within the eastern sea of Gulf of Thailand. Koh Chang is the largest one around here and the second largest island in Thailand. With the highlighted island, Koh Kut, which is called the “Gem of Gulf of Thailand” and many other islands, it makes this place irresistible to go.

  • Koh Kong: One of the provinces of Cambodia where local Cambodians live on both main land and islands. This place therefore owns the beauty of environment, sea, trees and streams.

  • Sihanoukville or Kampong Som: The most popular coastal city for taking a vacation in Cambodia. It is said to have the prettiest beaches which are Sokha Beach and Occheuteal.
  • Kampot: A cute city within a peaceful environment with the attractive view, especially the mountains and streams. Most of the tourists often rent motorcycles for a ride around the city and also for a ride to Bokor National Park.

  • Phnom Penh: A capital city of Cambodia which is renowned of both traditional Khmer and French architecture. It is the central city where, obviously, if you come to Cambodia you would visit this city first.
  • Ban Hat Lek Charm Yeam Border: An individual and vehicle checkpoint that crossing in and out between Thailand and Cambodia. On Thailand’s side, there is a small border market while on Cambodia’s side, there is a casino. If you get through the checkpoint you will be able to comfortably go to Koh Kong which is 8 kilometers away.

Travelling to Trat Sea Islands is not only about experiencing the beauty of Gulf of Thailand but also experiencing the refreshment and natural beauty in Cambodia where we can easily go through the border.