One day trip to hunt out the Emerald Heart of ASEAN with traveling at Myanmar (Burma)

Mention to Tourism in Myanmar, we will first think about the Heritage tourism, monastery and also the important ancient monuments. On the contrary, citation about coastal and marine tourism of Myanmar many people may unknown or be unable to remember. According to Myanmar either being closed country for a long time and also the marine tourism of Burma has not been promoted much. However, Myanmar’s tourism industries were developed and believed that the tourists will be satisfied with the beautifulness and abundance of Burma’s attractive sites. It is time to dive deeply into Myanmar Ocean, going there for being fascinated with Burma seas and let’s find out an Emerald Heart.

Cock’s Comb Island is known as an emerald heart island. For the bird eyes view, the island represents an emerald crystal clear sea which its shape is similar to a heart. It is famous for the tourists who prefer the scuba diving or snorkeling activity. Merely you get a snorkel then ducking in to water, you will touch easily with a bunch of coral reef. They show a stunning appearance to the divers.

When the weather is clear and the sea level is suitable, so it is time to pass through the cave touching with the green water which can see the water reflexing to the sunshine as if the emerald of the ocean. Sea anemone, coralline, and coral colony are available enormously. Including the school of fish that swim surrounding us, make we feel delightful and absolutely needs to live in the sea.

Once in a while for traveling at Myanmar’s seas, you need exactly touring more than one island. We will then go downstream to the Horse Shoe Island. With its shape is similar to a horseshoe so it is named that ‘Horse Shoe Island’. Horse Shoe Island is one of the best islands that still maintain the underwater world properly. Moreover, we can stay here with the atmosphere of bamboo cottage and be close to the scent of sea, as well as feeling with the off-white beaches as someone sprinkle the beach with powder thoroughly.

Next is Dunkin, an island which has clear sea and white seashore, is located in Tanintharyi. For canoeing activity, swimming near the seaside, or snorkeling are things to do at this island.

Finally, at Zedetkyi island is counted to be one of the best scuba diving sites in Andaman Sea that are plentiful and beautiful coral reefs. Who like to go for underwater world, here is the spot light that do not miss. A bunch of fish and variety of rare corals such as; Knobbed Hump coral, leaf coral, Staghorn Coral, are shown numerously. Besides, on the island’s mountain are abundant with the forest and various kinds of plants as well.

Myanmar’s seas are stated in the beautifulness and wait for the tourists to touch it. Don’t for getting ready and making plans to close to the underwater world at group of islands at Andaman Sea. To underline, it is the scuba diving location which is plentiful extremely and without crowded of people. Someone who needs badly to take some rests after being exhausted or maybe run away from someone that hurts you, so this program should bear in mind and list it in your next plans.