A one-day trip in Savannakhet

Savannakhet is a city of Laos that is the second-largest city next to Vientiane. It is located near Mukdahan Province of Thailand. You can go for a one-day trip by passing The Second Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge. The recommended tourist attractions:

That Ing Hang is known as a religious twin with Phra That Phanom in Sakon Nakhon Province of Thailand. It is far from Savannakhet in the northern way around 8 kilometres. It is the religious edifice which Lao people greatly respect. The top of the stupa was made of pure gold about a half of kilogram. The stupa was built during the Kingdom of Sri Khotrabrun. Inside the stupa were placed Buddha relics. There are an entrance fee for entering to venerate and also a fee for taking photos.

Singapore Market is located on Sisavang Vong Road, far from Savannakhet custom house about 500 metres. The reason why it was named Singapore Market is that Singapore helped financially reconstruct the old market. Now, it is the largest market in Suvannakhet. And it is also the important commerce quarter for local people. There are many types of goods: household goods, accessories, crafts, fresh food, fruits, Chinese electric appliances, construction equipment, tobacco and gold jewelry. In the high season, there is a flea market for selling merchandise from Thailand, China, Vietnam and Laos with the bustling atmosphere.

The Xaisomboun Temple, also called by the locals Big Temple, is located along the Mekong River. It is the old temple built in 1896. The interesting things of this temple are the outside wall of building that is the low-relief stucco sculpture of camel and rhinoceros with a horn and French tiled floor. The door of the temple was constructed according to the architecture of Theravada Branch of Buddhism. In the area of the temple, there is monks’ cell that is used to be a learning building. It was built and influenced by a western colonial style. And you can also go upstairs to see the panorama of Mekong River and Mukdahan Province.

Si Muang Road is the old community that once was an economic road full of stores on the 2 sides through the road. The distinctive point is well-preserved original buildings in the period of French colonies. Some of them are changed to be hotels or guesthouses for welcoming tourists while stores, restaurants and cafés are more modern and compatible with Lao people’s houses. You can find the amazing things only on this road.

In addition to tourist attractions, in Savannakhet, there are annual festivals or traditions that seem influenced by Thailand such as Songkran Festival and Loi Krathong. These also greatly attract foreigners.