Recommended 5 coastal tourist attractions of Indonesia

For those beach, wind and sea water lovers who want to change the mood to seas of neighboring country in ASEAN which is Indonesia where there are many large and tiny islands and one of the longest coasts in the world. And the recommended places are:

1. Gili Islands: The heaven of all divers, a group of 3 islands which are Gili Meno, Gili Air, and Trawangan. It has a unique long white beach and plentiful coral reefs under the sea and also various fishes like giant stingray and great barracuda.

2. Bali Island: It is the island of tourism that attracts the tourists from over the world with its Bali’s culture, religions which are unique magnets. It has perfect combination of architecture, temples, palaces and nature of sea, forest, life.

3. Weh Island: The calm coast with simple environment, it is suitable for relaxation. It takes time to come here but when you get here it is definitely worth the time. You can take a walk or relax at Gapang Beach or dive under the sea to find its beauty and get to meet with plenty rare creatures.

4. Komodo National Park: One of the World Heritage Sites of Malaysia which composes of small and large islands formed from the volcano eruption. It was named after the “Komodo Dragon” to protect its signature animal. The popular activity is diving to see the beauty of coral reefs and other rare sea creatures. You can go for trekking in the forest of park, perceive the beauty of the nature, which is also quite interesting.

5. Bunaken National Park: It is located at the North of Sulawesi Island. This region connects Asia and Australia. Apart from the beauty of nature, tourists can also feel the simple and calm environment, friendly people and more importantly, you can go to volcanic island, Manado Tua to watch the wonderful views.

These are just parts of coastal tourist attractions of Indonesia where tourists who are seduced by the amazingness of the nature under the sea should pay a visit once.