Sabai Dee Vientiane, one day in ASEAN

สบายดีนครหลวงเวียงจันทน์ วันเดียวเที่ยวอาเซียน (1)edit2

Vientiane is the Capitol of Laos, the neighborhood of Thailand. It is very easy to travel between the countries if you get your passport ready or juts make a temporary visa at the border , then you can enjoy the art and culture which the attractions are also easy to navigate and can absolutely do the one day trip.

สบายดีนครหลวงเวียงจันทน์ วันเดียวเที่ยวอาเซียน (2)edit2

Patuxuy is the monument that was built to remember the sacrificing of the Warrior before the revolution as L’Arc De Triomphe in Paris. You should not miss to see the view from its top.

สบายดีนครหลวงเวียงจันทน์ วันเดียวเที่ยวอาเซียน (3)edit2

Ho Phra Keo Temple is the religious side where the emerald Buddha located. Now the emerald Buddha is in Bangkok, Thailand since Thonburi Era by King Taksin. Now there is only the throne left and was restored in 2480 and 2483 with new Buddha image.

Wat Sisaket Monastery is the oldest temple in Vientiane close to Ho Phra Keo Temple. There are many Buddha images here and is said that it has the highest number of budhha image along th wall.

สบายดีนครหลวงเวียงจันทน์ วันเดียวเที่ยวอาเซียน (4)edit2

Pha That Luang or the Lokachulamuni Pagoda ,the most important historical site in Veintaine. It is the symbol of Laos which also in the bank notes and coins. The main pagoda is surrounded by 30 of smaller ones with bright gold color. Inside the temple, there is the north pagoda which has the buddhist art gallery and the reclining buddha.

Chiang Kwan Temple , the buddha park of Veintaine , the twin of Kaw Ku temple in Nakonpanom built by Mr. Bunlua Sureerat to show the enlightenment and freedom.

The walking street market is the 1km long street market along the Kong River . There are many local products for both locals and visitors as well as many street food and restaurants.

Veintaine is full of wonder and magic of art and cultures for long time and with the incoming civilization,however, it still remains its charm of slow and calm atmostphere and their friendly people.