Sabaidee Savannakhet: one day trip to Savannakhet

Savannakhet has an official name called “Khanthabouly”. It is Laos’ second most notable city after Vientiane. The borders to the west connected to Mukdahan Province, Thailand. There is the Second Thai–Lao Friendship Bridge over the Mekong River by connects Mukdahan Province in Thailand with Savannakhet in Laos. It is a very active location for trade between neighboring countries and Savannakhet becoming Laos’ only Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Savannakhet has a long history and there are many attractive places.

1. That Ing Hang (Ing Hang Stupa)

That Ing Hang is located far from the city around 8 k.m. This is a sacred stupa and reportedly the burial site for one of Buddha’s bones. 450 years ago by the King Marukhanakhone…..From the history, it was built together with Phra That Phanom in Nakhon Phanom Province, Thailand. It was built 2000 years ago in the Sikhottabong Kingdom. There are a gold weight 0.5 k.g. was placed at the top of the An annual festival is held here on the first full moon of the lunar calendar around December.

2. Wat Xayaphoum (Xayaphoum Temple)

Wat Xayaphoum or called as Wat Yai for Savannakhet people. The temple was built for more than 100 years old and is considered to be one of the oldest in Savannakhet. The visitors will find the Bas Relief architecture which formed as camel and rhino at the wall outside. The building is built in a Colonial Style together with Buddhism Style. There are a big Central Hall where we can see the beautiful scenery of Mekong River and Mukdahan Province, Thailand.

3. The Dinosaur Museum

The Dinosaur Museum is not far from Wat Xayaphoum around 500 Meters. There are many fossilized and also dinosaur bones especially the Saltasaurus’s Tail which was claimed to be the most perfect piece in a good condition. There are more than 10 cabinets which displayed for Dinosaur bones and footprints include with various kind of fossil, gold stone and copper.

4. Wat Chao

Wat Chao; or they called San Chao Suttano, is located opposite to Wat Xayaphoum. There is a golden statue of Chao Suttano in front of the entrance. Wat Chao is located along the bank of the Mekong River. They believed that to worship at Wat Chao will bring you a happiness. You can walk to the upstairs to see the scenery view of the Mekong River.

5. St Theresa’s Catholic Church

St Theresa’s Catholic Church, A Savannakhet landmark and the largest Catholic Church in the city. The building is French Colonial Architecture Style. The right front entrance was decorated with flowers arch. The round building similar to French tower.

6. Savannakhet Provincial Museum

The building is designed in French Colonial Architecture. There are the history of Laos, story of Laos’ predecessors and heroes in the battle with France, Japan and USA. There are many interesting items such as archaeological relics, war related items including big guns, bombs, etc, and historical photos. This is included the story with Ho Ji Minh Army which show the relationship between Laos and Viet Nam in the battle together.

7. Savan Vegas

Savan Vegas is a premier entertainment center located Savannakhet Province. There also be a casino and hotel resort. If you feeling lucky, you can visit Savan Vegas for relaxing and finding your pot of gold.

Savannakhet is the city in our neighborhood, Laos. Although, Savannakhet and its surrounding areas have not developed as rapidly and prosperously as another areas but here is a various kind of cultural and heritage tourism. The transportation is very convenience, you can travel here by your own car ride to the border check point, by bus which depart from Mukdahan Bus Station, or even take an opportunity to view the Mekong River scenery by boat.