Salamat Datang Penang touring, the World Heritage of ASEAN

Penang, the small island of Malaysia which is surrounded with Andaman beautifulness, is known as ‘the Pearl of the Orient’. The city is covered with the balanced charming of cultures including the architectures which are integrated well. Besides, the nature is plentiful and also the atmosphere is pervaded extremely with the romantic places. The strongest points of Penang are countless. So, can’t wait to go for it, let’s check it out of the most chicness places of Penang.

Penang Hill: Without travelling among the Penang Hill, that means you are not reach Penang really.

Here is one of the highlights which must visit to get on the trolley through the top of the hill. Then, to waste your time slowly with drinking sweet-smelling of coffee and you can see Penang in 360 degree. Snuffing fresh air into your lung fully whereas sit comfortably seeing the buildings, villages on the ground with the multiple planting verdurous trees. Those views stand against with the spacious sea and also a clear sky is background. Only taking pictures for keeping the romantic memory is regarded as rewarding.

George Town: George Town is The World Heritage of Penang which is valuable of the Chinese

architectures blended divisibly with the Western architectures unbelievable! Savoring the Portugal buildings atmosphere which has the feel of the old city of Phuket similarly. Absolutely for this place, you don’t miss for taking chic photographs with the portrait drawing on the wall. Those outdated walls are made lively over again with those artworks.

Kek Lok Si: The Kek Lok Si is one of the largest Buddhist Temples in Southeast Asia. The temple is

one of the best known temples on the island. The outstanding is the Pagoda of Rama VI which the pagoda combines a Chinese octagonal base with a middle tier of Thai design, and a Burmese crown (spiral dome) beautifully. Inside the Pagoda has 10,000 alabaster and bronze statues of Buddha and nearly appearing the 30.2 meters (99 ft) tall bronze statue of Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. Here is the best high view of Penang as well. If you travel during Chinese Happy New Year festival, the temple is decorated beautifully with more than 1000 Chinese lanterns. Therefore, this temple will be interesting place more and more.

India Town and China Town: Chic and famous travelling zone, India Town and China Town are

situated at George Town. Those are famous places as well as another chicness places at Penang. Touring at India Town as you are now shopping at India. Go feeling the charming of the Colonial style architectures at China Town. If someone feel hungry, everything about food are available here. Let’s find something to eat!

Undoubtedly, Penang can be looked upon as the city of various cultures. There are integrated people settle down together, besides the historical story of the city is extensively. Even though, the architectures, customs, traditions, cultures including the way of people life are different but those things are corresponding seamlessly. Therefore, here is full of the charming of divisible blending. The city that is not far from Thailand and very convenient to take a trip, besides it is one of the most impressive places which will be stuck in your memory and it is the appropriate city for touching and getting travel experiences. That’s Penang.