To take a vacation, body and soul at Mui Ne, the Topmost Seaside of South Vietnam

If mentioned in “Mui Ne”, many people thinking about the desert of ASEAN. Obviously, besides the brightly shimmering desert bend when sunshiny, Mui Ne also offers the seashore to the tourists who fond of wave and relaxing at the beach.

Mui Ne, in Vietnamese means “nose”, its name meaning represents for the location of area. Because of Mui Ne has the beetled ground reaching to the sea which is called “cape”, also known as a city with two coastlands. The first side is the sand dune which spread surrounding the city as the prize sculpture. Another side is the immense gulf which is as beautiful as the first side one. Besides, it is a place of fishermen community.

Turning point which reflected to the small fishermen village became to be the top rate famous city in the topmost resort town group of South Vietnam is; Mui Ne is claimed to be the best spot in Vietnam for watching the solar eclipse at A.D. 1995. Passing through 20 years ago which the small town is developed and progressed to be the scenery town increasingly. Therefore, Mui Ne beach became the highly popular beach where the foreigners always drop in uninterruptedly.

The advantage identity of the fishermen village supports very much for attracting tourists. It is the way of fishing of the villagers, maintaining in traditional way of floating by using “Vietnamese Basket Boat”. A round fishing boat, which is similar to basket, is the traditional folk wisdom products of Vietnamese, They use bamboo for weaving and then calk with dammar oil. Nowadays changing to use fiber because of, it is not gain weight. Whether it is old style of bamboo boat or a new one, the way of fishermen life around here is still remain the yesterday atmosphere nicely. Actually, in case of the amount of money of the large-size of fishing vessel probably makes a profit more than the old one.

However, for Vietnamese the more valuableness than money is the beauty of self-sufficient livelihood. Each of fish in Daily fishing reflects the simplicity of Mui Ne people perfectly. The image of fishermen paddle a bamboo basket boat to the sea in the early morning and come back to home in the sundown appear familiar which always happen. Among the speedy development, the woven bamboo basket acts as charm of Mui Ne beach which visitors keen on.

Whoever desire for traveling at the authentic fishermen community, we would like to suggest “Mui Ne Village”. It is located at a small hill in the eastward cape, dropping in for taking photos, and seeing the way of life appropriately. Let’s continue with the happiness activities which are certainly happy. You will be very pleased with surfboard, wakeboard, kiteboard. With the Physical description of area made this sea has the strong airstream, suitable for surfing. There is no doubt why the surfers all over the world always spend the vacation times here.

Regarding as Mui Ne is one of the cities which suitable for taking vacation, body and soul. You can sleep while listening the sound of surf, smelling the sea atmosphere, feeling pleasurable with the beautiful beach and crystal clear sea water, also thinking aimlessly for getting the twilight from the sunshine in the morning. Finally, in the evening you can go touching with the sundown. Unsurprisingly, why Mui Ne became to be a tourist attraction, and it is listed for traveling destination.