From Thai border to Southern Laos, Pakse, Champasak, and Tadlo

In the top rank of ASEAN, Laos is the country that is well-known in natural attractions which each year, there will be many tourists across the world come to visit popular tourist attractions such as Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng. Actually, there will still be many natural tourist attractions that are interesting such as the land called Southern Laos. It is close to Thai border which is easy to travel.

If starting from Thailand, it is able to cross the border to Pakse, Southern Laos, by passing through Chong Mek Immigration Control in Ubon Ratchathani and crossing Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge. Then, there will be vans and air-conditioning buses to service every day.

At Pakse, the first town after crossing the border is Champasak, it is the town that surrounded by buildings that are influenced by French colonial style. From this point, the first tourist attraction is Vat Phou, the world heritage site of Laos.


Vat Phou is the origin of Khmer empire. It is a Brahmin shrine that was built to worship Shiva. It is located on the hill or Phu Khwai. Vat Phou is a temple which its structure is similar to the structure of Temple of Preah Vihear. Annually, there will be Vat Phou festival in February.

From Pakse, heading to the north around 40 km. will reach Paksong. Paksong is a very popular area in southern Laos about coffee farm which you can visit the farm and taste the coffee. The important uniqueness of Paksong is the weather because it rains throughout the year. Therefore, this area is a fertile forest which is suitable for hiking in rainy season.


Another route from Pakse heading to Salavan province, you will see the routes that heading to a lot of waterfalls including Tad Hang waterfall, Tad Song waterfall, and Tad Lo waterfall. The water from these three waterfalls will flow down together to be a river of the village which is called Pakse waterfall. Moreover, the village here is attractive and lovely, and it is a tourist attraction where there are lots of guest houses with cheap price and local restaurants for tourists who intend to visit the waterfalls or investigate the natural pathways. Besides, there are motorbikes for rent to service as well.

After coming back from traveling to southern Laos, when crossing the border to Thailand, if you still have time, you can continue traveling in Ubon Ratchathani province or others provinces next to it. There are many interesting tourist attractions such as Pha Taem national park, Sirindhorn Dam, and Sam Phan Bok.

It can be seen in the present, traveling in Laos, the pathways are linked, so heading to various important tourist attractions can be done easily.