Think of dreamland in Western, Think of Ancient cities in Philippines

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When talking about the traveling in Philippines, almost travelers always think of the atmosphere of the seaside and beautiful sea. According to, Philippines is located in Pacific where consist of more than seven thousand archipelagoes combined to be a country. Besides, it is the country which has various of multiracial people, including the history of Philippines is very interesting. Importantly, there are many places in Philippines where we can perceive as much as those beaches. It is time to explore several hiding things in Philippines.

Philippines was dominated for 400 years by Spain and the United State of America. Therefore, art and cultural, include the architectures and the religious places obtain the influence of both countries. The balance combination of USA and Spain influence become to be a recent Philippines. Today we will describe you the ancient towns of Manila.

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San Agustin Church, the world heritage of Manila, was established in A.D. 1599 with entire marble decoration, painting with orange. The construction follows in the Spanish edifice which is beautiful and strikes the eyes, having the feel of looking the Western temple. This Roman Catholic Church is located inside the historic walled city of Intramuros.

It was safe from the bomb destroying during World War II. The outside and the entrance were decorated with elaborate stone carving, like St. Augustine and his mother figure. For the inside, at the arched entrance is attractively decorated with the image related to the saints and priest of Augustine existence which is delicately transmit. Moreover, the church’s side maintains for the antiques, including the valuable pottery from Spain, Mexican and Chinese as well.

Fort Santiago is one of the most important historical places in Manila. This citadel is more than 400 years. It is located at the mouth of the Pasig River and was set for the military base of Spanish soldiers. First, this place was built for defending the pirates and the invaders. Then, it was turned into a concentration camp for the prison for detaining a great number of the important person and the Philippines’ prisoners. Whenever we pass through the fort, as you step over to the Middle Ages of Western territory which has architectures and buildings covering up with the scent of Spain.

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Manila Cathedral is a Roman Catholic basilica located in Manila with the Western art decoration which settles dominantly as the church in Europe. Although, it had gotten the damage countlessly, but it is completely renovated and still to be a master religious place until nowadays. The decoration inside is fascinate with the colorful mirror. This place is famous for the travellers and also for Manila people who believe in, including the benediction is very popular as well.

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The huge building with 3 floors, Casa Manila is the residence of the Spanish upper class which entered in Philippines. The structure was built by the volcanic rock. Each room is divided follow in the luxurious living, such as; music room, kitchen, dining-room, bath room and bed room. Including the imported classical furniture are introduced from other countries. Whoever needs turning to retro to life civilization as the refine-person of Spanish, therefore do not miss to visit here.

Anyone who loves the Heritage tourism, learning art and craft, impressing the architectures, does not lose the chance to visit at this historical site. Besides, almost Filipino use English as a second language, so they can communicate English well. Therefore, without worrying about communication problem at Philippines, it is one of the most countries we should go travelling. The information is ready. And exactly you get ready then do not forget to list the name of Philippines into your next trip.