Top 5 Sea Ports in ASEAN

Normally, most of the locations of the countries in ASEAN region where the land connect to the sea are the best locations for the sea transportations to the countries which is one of the main factors to increase for the sustainable economic growth rate of the countries. From the sea port in any countries, this is establishes trade connections to another countries.

Here are 5 important sea ports in ASEAN as per these following;

Port Klang, Malaysia – Port Klang is located in Klang City and it is far from southwest of Kuala Lumpur about 40 kilometres. Port Klang is the biggest sea gateway in Malaysia and being the center of sea transportation which ranking 1 of top 20’s in busiest container port in the world. Not only shipping cargo, but they also provide the ferry links to Indonesia. In tourism, there are sea cruises to support the tourists at the cruise terminals at Westport.

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Port of Jakarta, Indonesia – or known as Tanjung Priok Port is a largest port in Indonesia. Not only being the country’s national hub port, but it also renowned in modern technology innovation of its terminals. As the expansion of sea freights and shipping cargo, the Phase 2 is now on construction in order to support the expansion of sea freight in the future.

Port of Manila, Philippines – the sea port in Manila. Even though, the sea port in Manila is not influence in an international trade but it is important in local transportation especially transportation between sea ports in others islands. This is be an optional for local transportations. Besides from land and air transports, there are freight shipping, ferry and cruise to support the need of tourism.

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Port of Singapore Authority, Singapore – Port of Singapore is the one of the most important port in ASEAN and ranking the busiest port in the world in terms of shipping tonnage and transhipment hubs. Being the top transhipment hub, Singapore is connected to the ports globally and there are many ships arrive at or depart from the Port of Singapore in everyday. As it is located in the best location, so it was renowned to be the Crossroads of International Trade as well. Moreover, it is located near Indonesia and Malaysia which is the good opportunity for ASEAN trading and include ferry and cruise business together.

Laem Chabang Port, Thailand – Laem Chabang Port is located in Chonburi Province, Thailand and being Thailand’s largest port. Laem Chabang Port is the main deep sea port of Thailand and that offers universal services in order to exchange goods worldwide and its location is suitable more than the Bangkok Port. Besides that, there are support for international sea freights and supported for local transportation including cruise terminal for tourism.