Top listed check ins of Singapore, travel through ASEAN in style

If we are talking about traveling to near and comfortable ASEAN member states, Singapore would be on top of mind for the tourists that do not have much time and newbies who want to travel abroad by themselves since it is easy to travel and the attractions are not so far from each other. Let’s have a look at those places that you need to check in:

1. Merlion: Top listed place that anyone will check in to the landmark of Singapore.

2. Sentosa Island: Another place to check in on the island that collects every kind of entertainment such as Universal Studios Singapore, a world-famous theme park, watching Sentosa Island from the high angle from Cable Car or Trick Eye Museum, a place that tells history of Singapore form past to present in 4D.

3. Little India: You will feel like you are really in India. Let’s check in at the vividness of Singapore’s India.

4. China Town: Check in at one of the most active places in Singapore where there are full of people, street shops, street foods, souvenirs for you to shop and taste as you like.

5. Tooth Relic Buddha Temple: After your check in, pay respect to Buddha for your good fortune in a nice red building which is extraordinary with Chinese arts.

6. Marina Bay Sands: Take a walk to see the environment of Singapore during the day and make your check in at Wonder Full, light and water show which tells story through water during the evening.

7. Gardens by the Bay: Get mesmerized by the huge glass nature park which is recorded as the world’s largest in Guinness Book and other awards that guarantee its greatness. It is a must to check in at this place and enjoy the Garden Rhapsody.

8. CityLink Mall: Get into the comfort of shopping at underground department store by just taking a MRT to City Hall station and then you can check in at this place.

9. Maxwell Food Center: A food center that everyone relies on with its friendly price and there are a lot of popular restaurants to choose. After your check in, do not forget to go to Tian Tian Hainanese, the famous restaurant that serves chicken rice.

10. Singapore Changi Airport: Before you leave this city of Merlion, you should make your last check in at Changi Airport, the airport that was awarded with the World’s Best Airport of 2016. The airport smoothly mixes the nature within modern style. And, enjoy the Kinetic Rain, modern-style water art before you take a flight home.

Singapore is charming by its unbelievable mixtures of modern and arts. If you look from the different perspective, although you visit the same place, you will definitely not feel the same. That is why many tourists often repeatedly visit Singapore.