Travel in Bali with activities that you shouldn’t miss!

Bali Island is located in the middle of Indonesia islands. There are 5,680 of the area and there are more than 3 million of populations. What make Bali popular place to visit are the tradition, religion, culture, and beautiful nature. Besides, there are interesting activities on Bali Island which if there is a chance to visit, considerably, you should not miss these things that is going to be recommended.

  • Spa: Spa in Bali is what the most well-known in the world due to the relaxing atmosphere with oil massage or aroma herbs that is called lulur (Lulur) or various aroma oils. It is well relaxing, so it attracts many tourists to come to spa.

  • Surfing: According to the proper atmosphere and the sea level, it makes marine activities in Bali a popular activity that receive many interests such as surfing. Even though you have never been surfing before, here, there is a service to rent the equipment with teaching. It is a fun sport to practice surfing with little and big waves. Kuta beach is the beach where people go surfing the most. Moreover, it is the beach for seeing the beautiful sunset.
  • Visit Hindu temple: On the Island, there are many Buddhist temples and Hindu temples. The eminent temple where you should to visit is Tanah Lot. It is the beautiful temple located on the rock which is accessible only when the level of water goes down. The temple is located at Tabanan side. The proper time to visit most is when the sunset.

  • Watch traditional performing arts in Bali that is worshiping gods through dance according to ancient belief. It is able to watch at tourist attractions in Bali. The popular performing arts that tourists like to watch are Fire Dance (Sanghyang), Barong Dance or Balinese Lion Dance.
  • Helicopter sightseeing: This is the newest activity in Bali that provides an opportunity to tourists to get on a helicopter for sightseeing the beautiful view of all Islands including beach, ocean, mountain, temple, and various architectures. Moreover, the view also consists of the agricultural areas of local people such as rice terraces and farms.
  • Don’t miss to taste the local food of Bali which the majority of it will be rice with food called Babi Guling or roasted suckling pig and Bebek Betutu or deliciously Balinese smoked duck.

Most of these things make Bali a popular tourist attraction. It is a place where people do want to find an opportunity to visit once in their life, especially group tours and family which is really suitable for traveling in this place.