Travel at Cambodia for sightseeing the magnificent civilize temple of ASEAN

Cambodia, a city of ancient civilization with the age more than 1000 years and be highest flourishing, has a lot of buildings representing the important and antique of culture, belief, and tradition. the age is more than 1000 years with highest flourishing, The historical evidences still arise for new generations to admire and wonder in the ability of miraculous architecture.

To attract the one who is infatuated with the esthetic civilization and be fond of meticulousness of arts which were conducted by the stone pieces toward to the great temple. We will flash back go feeling the stone temple’s fascination at the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world and was listed in 7th wonder of the world. This sacred space was built by the Khmer King Suryavarman II. Moreover, it obtains admission from the visitors around the world about the gorgeous supremacy of the temple. As if we are flashing back to the time of the great Angkor Wat, founding with the stone carving. It is decorated with depictions of Apsaras statue. The best time to visit the temple is in the afternoon because of the façade temple location is suitable for taking the great pictures without silhouette of photos.

Banteay Srei or Banteay Srey is a 10th-century Cambodian temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. Amazingly with the largely of red sandstone which is entitled to be the most beautiful temple in Cambodia. The ancient temple was built in the reign of the King Rajendravarman IV, located near the area of Shiva city, close to the Siem Reap River. It is away from the down town around 30 kilometers long. The temple dared to the millennium, persuaded the tourists go sightseeing with the bas-relief, the Apsara statue, and the story of Ramayan (the legend of Ramayana epic) which remain of the wholeness extremely.

The Bayon is a well-known and richly decorated Khmer temple at Angkor, built for worship the Shiva.

The Bayon stands at the center of Jayavarman’s capital, the reign of King Jayavarman VII. The construction is built by using the arrangement of stone to be the temple. It has special categories which produce the outstanding of the temple to be strange and be mysterious. When we go inside of the temple, touching with the stone sculpture of deva face which seems always smiling surrounding us as if there are someone look at to our all the time.

Ta Prohm is the perfect combination of tree growing and the buildings construction. It is the great temple which is built by human and the jungle surrounding naturally, covering by tree to the temple so it seems has the fascination. Moreover, go tracing for the Hollywood movie such as; Tomb Rider, King-Kong and the Indiana Jones as you please.

Banteay Samre, the Angkor arts which is similar to Phimai Historical Park, is built under Suryavarman II and renovated by Yasovarman II. It is a Hindu temple in the Angkor Wat style which still remains the completeness of buildings and the architectures. Including the Ramayan story and goddess images, also the clearness of Apsara image without the time damaged.

The fascination of Cambodia, the city of civilization of ASEAN and the heritage of the world, is still maintain the great value of religious place from the past until nowadays. Cambodia is the center of art, belief and embellishment architectures which remain to the millennium. Absolutely, anyone who loves the ancient edifice and admires the arts which transmit the story through the stone inscription, here is the best suitability for voyage and don’t miss entirely.